So when a pro does it, does that mean it’s ok?

Hybrids Rule

If I asked you if any touring professional playing today had in the bag an iron no longer than a #7, you might think I am pulling your leg. What if I told you it was true? Well if you think this bag belongs to a member of the LPGA or possibly the Champion’s Tour, guess again. What if I told you that this was a member of the PGA Tour and on the grandest stage of all – The Masters? And yes, this player made the cut. As a matter of fact he finished tied for 8th. So I applaud K.J. Choi for not only finishing in the Top 10, but doing something many other golfers should emulate – ditching the harder to hit long and even mid irons for the more forgiving hybrids.

It’s true, at this year’s Master’s, Choi put into play 4 hybrids eliminating any iron longer than the #7. His reasoning was to hit the ball higher so it would land more softly on the ultra fast greens at Augusta, which paid off handsomely. So let this be a lesson for all, if it is good enough for a pro to do something unconventional, maybe you should too especially if you are struggling or looking to improve your score.

Acer XF Hybrid – Custom Assembled $49.95 each
Acer XF Hybrid – Clubhead $22.95 each

Acer XF Draw Hybrid Custom Assembled $49.95 each
Acer XF Draw Hybrid – Clubhead

$22.95 each

Speaking of hybrids, the new Acer XF and XF Draw hybrids are slated to arrive this week. The difference between the two is the location of the hosel. In the standard version, the hosel is set back like a fairway wood which is becoming the more popular straight-neck hosel configuration on the market today. Plus it is also available from a #2 down to a #6 (in RH) just in case you want to duplicate K.J.’s bag.

The XF Draw has what is referred to as a semi-offset hosel. It is really not offset like an iron, but the hosel is offset or closer to the leading edge of the club helping to square up the face for those that may normally fade or push the ball.

This is just a sampling of why the Acer XF series is the most versatile line in golf today!


  1. Frank Keck says:

    I have a number of customers now that would and shluld be using these irons-hybrids. Bring them on! Frank Keck

  2. JR says:

    I have for two years now used hybrids from my 6 on up to the 3, only irons are 7 on down. Prior to that I had them from the 5 on up for two years. Promote the use of hybrids to any customer that will listen and have had a huge number try and use more and more of them as well.

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