Introducing the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Series

Instead of rushing products to market, Hireko is rolling out new models as they become available. This is no more evident than one clubhead series that just missed our 2011 catalog deadline called the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution series. In just a quick few weeks, these exciting new clubheads are finally due to arrive. Those of you who were fortunate to attend the annual PGA Merchandise show in late January got a glimpse or what we have been working on. Here is a chance for the general public to finally get a sneak peek of the new Dynacraft Avatar Evolution series.

Pushing the Envelope on Forgiveness

You have heard the term that bigger is better? In golf club design that often translates into added forgiveness and the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution is the poster child. It has been proven that as the mass is spread out it increases the forgiveness or that fancy term “moment of inertia” you have heard over and over again. In simple terms it is to make your off-center shot less penalizing and retain a greater amount of distance and feel. However most drivers sold today are at the maximum allowable size (460cc) under the Rules of Golf, so how you make the club bigger?

The answer is to make better use of the volume. In this diagram you will see the large footprint of the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution, with the red dotted line represented a typical profile of a 460cc driver. The Evolution has the footprint of a 512cc driver, but still manages to measure within the legal limit plus maintain a deep face. Bigger is indeed better.

Super-thin Crown Technology

But that is only part of the story how the Dynacraft Evolution is pushing the envelope by making this our highest moment of inertia driver. Using a new construction technique, we shed weight from the only place possible – the crown area. Our super-thin crown technology allows additional discretionary weight to be at our disposal for even greater forgiveness and at the same time ensures the center of gravity is in the right place to create those high launching, tape measure drives.

Fairway Woods to Broaden Your Horizons

The same thinking that went into the drivers has been transformed into the matching fairway wood series. Most golfers don’t get pumped up about fairway woods. Well in this case they should. The ultra-wide footprint at address will instantly give even a high-handicapped golfer renewed confidence from the fairway, rough or even the tee.

Our idea for the thin-crown technology spawned in our fairways three years ago and the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution is no exception pushing needless weight from the crown to the sole. Coupled with their low profile, this places weight extremely low and deep within the head for superior results. And of course, we added our variable crown thickness for that awesome sound and feel at impact.

Finally, both the drivers and fairways are finished in a beautiful non-glare, pearlized white finish. Watch your game evolve this year with the new Dynacraft Avatar Evolution series.


Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Titanium Driver Component Clubhead $59.95 ea.
Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Titanium Driver Custom Assembled $99.95
Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Fairway Woods Component Clubhead $19.95
Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Fairway Woods Custom Assembled $49.95


  1. James says:

    I’m very much looking forward to these woods. The Avatar XMOI was one of my favorite component heads in the past few years, both the driver and fairway woods, and I was sad to see them go away. I’m glad they are replacing it with this updated version, and I just hope these are as good as the original!

  2. Justin Blair says:

    Interesting… How tall is the face? It doesn’t look tall in the pictures, but then again, it’s difficult to get any idea from just 2D pictures.

  3. Glenn says:

    Regarding the larger “footprint”: does that mean that this driver will have a relatively shallow face (<50mm)? The diagram seems to imply a rather deep face.

  4. Bob City Toms River says:

    The head looks great, will it be sold as a component and what lofts will it come in and what pricing?


  5. Robert says:

    I’m fighting a “baby fade” My swing speed is approx 80-90. What shaft would you recommend for driver? Thank you.

  6. john pearse says:

    What fairway wood numbers will be available in the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution series? Will there be a 9 Wood?

  7. Joe Christie says:

    Interesting, when can we order the heads? I like the low profile of both driver and fairway woods.

  8. Jeff Summitt says:

    There should be links soon to the products pages to answer a lot of your questions plus allow you to pre-order them. But they will be available as components as well as assembled clubs. The loft in the driver will be 10.5 and 12 and the fairways will be 3, 5 and 7 (no #9). The face height is actually tall at 58mm, only the fairways are low profile.

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    You would be best off emailing directly with more information. The difference between 80 and 90 mph is too great so it would be better if you can narrow it down closer to 80, 85 or 90. Plus know what you are presently using (head, shaft and flex) are needed as well.

  10. Jim Fisher says:

    I’m looking forward to Joe Lawler building me a state of the art driver with the new Avatar Evolution as the foundation. Based on pre-market information and Joe’s recommendations, I am anticipating a better driving machine. — Jim —

  11. Sam's Golf says:

    To the driver heads have movable waits?

  12. Yannick says:

    Hi! I’d like to know if this be available left-handed?? What type of player is it for? Which one between these and the XF serie would be more foregiven ?


  13. Jeff Summitt says:


    These will be RH, at least initially. These should be one, if not our most forgiving driver and fairway series.

  14. Jeff Summitt says:

    Sam’s Golf:

    Sorry, no moveable weights in this model.

  15. Rob says:

    Darn, I just purchased a new 7 wood!!! Darn it!

  16. Harry Carter says:

    Would an Accra T60 M2 shaft match up good with the Evolution head? I’m currently playing it well in an Alpha 830.2 12* head. Thanks

  17. Jeff Summitt says:


    There is no reason why that same shaft cannot work in the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution driver.

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