Hireko Now Offering KBS and FST Steel Shafts

Variety!  That is what our customers want and exactly what Hireko is committed to by providing them with a wide variety of products to fit into any budget or skill level. That is why we are proud to now offer the full line of steel shafts from KBS and FST to our already extensive product line.


FST is short for FEMCO Steel Technology.  While not a household name, FST manufactures steel shafts to strict tolerances in both weight and flex to make assembly simpler and more consistent for custom clubmakers.

FST 115 Steel
$5.95 each

FST Pro 125 Stepless Steel
$9.95 each

FST 90 Steel
$8.95 each

FST 125 Steel
$5.95 each

FST Pro Putter Shaft
$4.95 each

FST Pro 115 Stepless Steel
$9.95 each

FST shafts are available in weights of 90g (ultra-light), 115g (light weight) and 125g (standard weight) and in some case stepped and stepless varieties.  Each shaft is parallel tip and offered in combination flexes to cut down on inventory.  However, the combo flexes aren’t the normal fare clubmakers usually find.

A few of the FST shafts come in what is called an A/R designation, which means they can be cut to senior (A) or regular (R) flex.  The other designation is S/X which means it can be cut to a stiff (S) or extra stiff (X) from a single shaft depending upon how it is cut.  Their longer raw shaft lengths are suitable for a wide variety of custom clubmaking options.

The KBS steel brand is manufactured by FST, but designed for better players in mind.  The KB in KBS stands for Kim Braly who is the chief designer and if you aren’t aware, Kim and his father Dr. Joe where the ones responsible for the concept of frequency matching shafts / assembled golf clubs.

KBS Hybrid Steel
$32 each

KBS Tour 90 Steel Tapered
$29 each

KBS Black Nickel Wedge Steel Tapered
$38 each

KBS Hi-Rev Wedge Steel Tapered
$29 each

KBS Tour Steel
$25 each

KBS Tour Steel Tapered
$25 each

KBS Tour Black Nickel Steel Tapered
$38 each

As I said the KBS brand was designed for better players who prefer a particular feel.  That is why their shafts are designed in both parallel and taper tip options.  The parallel tip shafts are designed to fit any Hireko model.

The taper tip shafts are available in dedicated lengths for each iron to produce a constant weight shaft sets. Constant weight provides more mass or weight than parallel tip shafts, especially in the scoring clubs where accuracy and control are at a premium. While the tapered offering are designed to be assembled into any of our heads, they are available to retro-fit existing OEM or name brand irons and wedges which require taper tip shafts.

The flagship shaft in the line is the KBS Tour, which is also available in a beautiful black nickel finish along with the traditional high polished chrome.  The KBS Tour’s weight and stiffness are progressive with the weight increasing and the ball flight lower the stiffer the flex.

The KBS Tour 90 is a 22% lighter weight version with a softer feel.  Now we finally offer a hybrid specific steel shaft in our line in the KBS Hybrid.  Rounding out the line are two taper tipped wedge shafts.  There is the more piercing trajectory KBS Black Nickel wedge and the KBS Hi-Rev for those who desire a high ball flight and increased spin.

This is yet another reason for us to be your one stop source for all your equipment needs.

Supplying the brands you or your customers demand in order to help one play their very best is just part of what Hireko strives to accomplish.


  1. Justin Blair says:

    So, would you consider the KBS Tour > FST Pro 125 > Apollo Std. Stepless (since they’re all in the 120-130 gram range? Is that what this aricle means?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The KBS Tour is a higher end shaft in the caliber of a Dynamic Gold. The FST Pro 125 and Apollo Stepless are both stepless, standard weight shafts. The FST may have tighter weight tolerances.

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