Selecting The Correct Type of Grip and Grip Size Webinar

Gripping or re-gripping a golf club continues to be the number one practiced procedure in clubmaking and for good reason. However, consumers need to do their homework to find out exactly what type of grip and size they need before ordering or asking a professional in their area to re-grip their clubs. In this Webinar Hireko’s Technical Director Jeff Summitt will discuss the different types of grips and tips on how to get the most of your investment and toward a lower score.



  1. Russ Mikes says:

    Can you tell me the advantage or disadvantage of the Jumbo grips

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    It all comes down to comfort. I am one that does profess that a jumbo grip in the hands of someone with smaller hands is going to make you want to slice the ball. The best thing to do is try one on a club you are familiar with to see if the club feels better and provide more of a tension-free grasp on the club. The worse case scenario is you don’t like it and you have to replace it. The upside is if you do like it, then you can simply re-grip your entire set.

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