Meet the New Acer XF Driver Series – The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Line (Part 2 of 2)

In Part I we thoroughly discussed the Acer XF and XF Draw drivers, their benefits and who they are for.  In Part II, I want to go over the third version of the series – Acer XF Leggera.  Oh, by the way, Leggera means light in Italian and is a full 10 grams lighter than the standard version. Plus it is pronounced with a “je”, like “Lejjera” rather than with a “ge” as it looks.

Now there is one other feature that distinguishes it from the other versions and the reason why so many people gravity toward this particular model and that is the cosmetics. This version has a pearlized white painted crown which gives it a nice contrast and striking appearance.

Here is the kicker you just can’t magically take 10g from the head without any consequences.  If it were that easy, we would have done it a long time ago. That is why we incorporated a new proprietary thin crown technology. This special construction technique allowed us to remove weight from the only logical place that would not adversely affect the driver.  If you make the walls any thinner in the face and the driver becomes non-conforming.  Remove weight elsewhere and the center of gravity start to rise and diminish how high and far you can hit the ball.  Instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, we ended up producing a highly playable ultra-light driver head at an affordable cost.

Now we got that out of the way, let’s get started to explain why you may want a lighter head.

It’s Black or White and No Grey Area

The decision to go to the Leggera over the standard version should be goal-driven.  For instance, did you pass the Meat Loaf test?  Remember, that is where you can hit 2 out of 3 fairways off the tee on average.  In that case, you have plenty of accuracy that you may be able to give up some in order obtain more distance.  Maybe you will gain back lost yardage that Mother Nature has taken from you with age.

Another reason golfers decide to purchase a new Driver is to get bragging rights and pound the ball further than they ever have before.  But how do you increase your distance without going to the gym and working out?  Here is the secret. The luxury that creating a driver 10g lighter gives is the opportunity to make the club an additional 1” longer and not feel too head heavy.  Therefore with the Acer XF Leggera we would encourage you to play this a minimum of 46” long.  The longer length provides additional leverage off of the tee.

Jaw Dropping Distance

The longer length coupled with the overall lighter head is the key to those jaw dropping distances that will make you the talk of your foursome.  The Leggera will be available in 3 right-handed lofts and 1 in LH, but right now only the RH 10.5º is available.  With the components available in our catalog and website, you could conceivable make a driver that weighs a mere 260g, which is a lot lighter than those nationally know brands touting their lightweight drivers.

Let’s look at the different scenarios at your disposal using the Leggera version.

Don’t get me wrong, the Leggera version is not for everyone.  For example if you slice the ball, like I said in Part I you would be far better off with the Draw version.  But remember, the Acer XF line has three distinct versions for each of the most common challenges that golfers face today. Now the challenge for you is to be honest with yourself and pick the right one for your game.  Regardless, you will have an eye-catching driver that will make you play your best golf.

Acer XK Leggera Titanium Component Clubhead Driver $64.95 each
Acer XK Leggera Titanium Custom Assembled Driver $104.95 each


  1. Frank Mazane says:

    Sounds like the swing weight would be about a D-1 What shaft would you recommend at what flex?

  2. Dean Ruff says:

    What does this driver sound like when you tee off? Does it have a “click” or a “ping” noise?

  3. Gil Sharkey says:

    I am enjoying my new Leggera driver. Will you have a Leggera (10
    grams lighter head) 15 degree 3 wood with the white top as well?

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    The swingweight is a function of the length, shaft weight and balance point and grip weight selected. Shaft fitting is a whole other issue that has little to do with swingweight, rather your speed and tempo and preferences such as weight and tip stiffness (bend point).

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The XF series have a very pleasant sound and not high pitched at all.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    Glad to hear you are enjoying the Leggera driver. As far as a matching lightweight 3-wood, we have not even thought of that due to the fact so many golfers struggle with a standard length 3-wood that making it longer would make matter worse. At least with the driver you have the assistance of a tee.

  7. Dean Ruff says:

    I’m still confused. I really need to know what the club sounds like when it makes contact with the ball. Does it have a “PING” sound or the traditional “CLICK” sound?
    Clubs that have e very thin face usually have that “loud PINGGGG” sound, which can be a bit irritating. Your answer of “a very pleasant sound” does not realy answer my question.
    Please describe the sound.
    Thank you

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    It would be closer to a “click”.

  9. Jim Fisher says:

    Jeff — I originally put a 65 Gm shaft in the Leggera. I have purchased a 49 Gm shaft as a replacement. Will the process of heating the old shaft to remove discolor or change the characteristics of the component driver head? Thanks. — Jim — (or is a saving of 16 Gms. even relevent?)

  10. Jeff Summitt says:


    The finish is pretty durable. Just make sure that if you use a torch, keep the heat moving at all times and probably no more than a 15-20 second duration initially. Check to see if the epoxy broke loose by putting it in your graphite shaft puller. If not, try 5-10 second blasts with the torch and repeat until extracted.

    With a 49g shaft, you may be able to make that driver 47″ with a standard weight grip and come out with a very manageable swingweight and very light driver. It is always best to try longer as cutting it shorter is easier than extending it.

  11. Chuck Tonani says:

    Would the lighter drivers help seniors more than stronger players ? Ladies also?

    What light weight shaft would you recommend for 90 MPH swing speed , and what swing wt. ?

  12. Jeff Summitt says:


    Lighter weight driver may allow for a longer assembly length to generate more speed and leverage to make up for some of the distance lost as we age. For the stronger golfers, they need more of a balance of distance with control, so lighter weight heads may not help that cause.

    As far as the shaft, that is too generic of a request. I would have to have more particulars about the golfer plus the equipment they are using presently. You can email me that info. Swingweight will be dependent upon the shaft and grip chosen and what length you will want to make the club.

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