How Do You Spell Relief? Meet the Power Play Adrenaline Uni-Rail Sole

Just arrived and now in stock are two new models in the Power Play Adrenaline line to add instant relief to a golf bag near you. How you ask? Both the Power Play Adrenaline fairway woods and hybrids have a distinctive Uni-Rail sole to plow through any lie and not get hung up.

The Uni-Rail or V-shaped sole works this way. First it minimized contact with the turf or grass which in turn increases the efficiency upon contact providing greater distance, directional control and feel.

Just ask yourself how many times you hit off of a perfectly flat lie? That’s what I thought, not as often as you like. While modern fairway woods and hybrids have rounded soles to help provide some relief the is still a limit where you can’t help but to hit off of the heel or toe on the sole and cause the head to turn and you ball to fly somewhere other than where you aimed. With the Uni-Rail sole, there is enough relief to acclimate to a 15 degrees elevation change such as the ball severally above or below your feet and still make solid contact.

Peace out to bad lies forever and see first hand how the Power Play Adrenaline’s Uni-Rail sole can improve your game.

Power Play Adrenaline Fairway Wood – Component Clubhead
Power Play Adrenaline Fairway Wood – Custom Assembled
Power Play Adrenaline Hybrids – Component Clubhead
Power Play Adrenaline Hybrids – Custom Assembled

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  1. Frank Mazane says:

    This club reminds me of the ginty, which was very successful out of the rough. My kudus to you

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