Acer XF Irons Listed In Golf Digest “New Looks” Article!

The 2011 Acer XF Standard Irons were listed in the April, 2011 issue of Golf Digest’s article “Does Offset Make The Ball Go Higher or Lower”. The article states “It depends on the swing type…for golfers with more sweeping swings who cast the club offset plays a signficant role in bowing the shaft tip forward and adding loft right before impact…There’s no doubt in my mind that offset enhances forgiveness.”

The “New Looks” article then lists the Acer XF Irons as clubs that exemplify how a deep offset club offers unparalleled forgiveness. “The extra offset helps players square the face at impact and the topline is beveled to appear thinner. Less offset is available in the XF Pro Model. The standard has 6.8mm of offset,” states the Golf Digest article.

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  1. cooper says:

    how do i get these clubs in england

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    Try going to the following:

    Hireko Golf U.K. Fitting Center
    Barnett Way
    Gloucester GL4 3RT
    tel: 0044 1297 631 811

  3. Joe Lawler says:

    I have sold several sets of this club this year. Each customer has improved his game and has let me know. The offset, the lower center of gravity and weight distribution all help forgiveness. A great club for the middle to high handicapper. The Pro Model is for the better players!

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