Introducing Golf Pride’s New VDR Grips

Golf Pride has been renowned for innovation in the golf grip industry so you usually take notice when they bring out a new product line. This year is no different as Hireko now has in stock their latest innovative line – VDR.

Golf Pride VDR Standard Black

Price: $4.57

Golf Pride VDR Standard Blue

Price: $4.57

Golf Pride VDR Standard Red #RE146

Price: $4.57

VDR is short for Vibration Reduction Rubber which is a culmination of both natural and synthetic rubbers. The blend of materials in the VDR grip reduces high frequency vibrations by 30 percent compared to a standard rubber grip according to a funded study by The Ohio State University. This not-so shocking news should come as welcome relief for those who suffer from arthritis, pain or fatigue for those who like to practice a lot.

Golf Pride has been making grips to reduced shock for a few years now – most notably the DD2 which uses a more costly two-layer construction. Two-layer construction consists of producing a firmer base layer and then applying a softer material over it (non-black colored portion of the grip that you see). The difference is the economical VDR series uses one-layer construction as all the materials are blended together.

Golf Pride VDR Standard White

Price: $4.57

Golf Pride VDR Midsize Black

Price: $4.94

Golf Pride VDR Undersize Black

Price: $4.57

The VDR is not all about vibration reduction either as Golf pride concentrated on increased traction for excellent all-weather performance. Computer designed with variable depths, the textures are intended to do a better function of channeling moisture, improve traction and feel in both wet and dry conditions.

The VDR comes in several popular colors in men’s standard plus is available in midsize and undersized (women’s or those with smaller hands) for full custom fitting.

If you are looking to dampen shock and provide a secure and comfortable texture at the same time, then the new VDR grips should be on your list the next time you need to re-grip your clubs or when purchasing your next club or possibly set from Hireko Golf.