1. John H Payne says:

    I just know that the answer is going to be “insufficient demand to be economically viable” BUT I have to ask! How about a Ti-Ceptional version of the ACER XF Pro irons?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    If it is a “pro” version, typically those golfers are concerned with accuracy and working the ball not necessarily more distance and increased moment of inertia. Of course if there was enough demand we would make it.

  3. John H Payne says:

    Yeah, I guess so. It was just me (66 yr old amateur) who likes the feel of the Ti-Ceptional XK test iron that I made. However, I needs the reduced offset of the XK-Pro test iron that I also made to remove the consistent draw (straight departure but then draws towards the end of flight) that I get with the standard XK set I made. So a market of one! My next task is a test iron XF Pro and if that performs at least as well as the test XK Pro, the I will replace the XK Standard set with a XF Pro set. Any comments/advice? Thanks

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    You may like the feel due to the shaft as well so I would use the same shaft, flex, length and grip as you did with the Ti-Ceptional, but in the Pro to see if the reduced offset is what you truly need. If you still get a constant draw, then you know it must be something else.

  5. John H Payne says:

    Thanks that is good advice. The Ti-Ceptional test iron had the same shaft/flex/grip as the standard XK (SK Fiber TourTrac80) but felt nicer. The XK-Pro had a different shaft (Acculite 85) but was consistently straighter,whilst not feeling as nice as the Ti-Ceptional. I will try two versions of the XF Pro, one each with both shaft versions.

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