Tacky and Made in the USA

Is it time to re-grip your clubs?

If you thought the title was going to show a link to something funny like the leg lamp featured in movie “A Christmas Story”…well, that would be tacky! Rather, we are talking about a good type of tacky as in a good, secure golf grip.

One particular line of grips you may want to gain some familiarity with (or again) is the recent line-up of Tacki Mac grips. Tacki Mac grips have been around for quite some time. For many veteran clubmakers, they will probably associate Tacki Mac with arthritic grips, which has been a clubmaking staple for many years now.

Each of their grips is made from a high quality thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which gives the grips a durable, water-resistant and an exceptional tacky feel. Using TPR also allows for a variety of colors. While not a household name, Tacki Mac might be the new hip grips on the market. One trend in the grip market are colorful, tacky thermoplastic grips imported from overseas that cost as much as $15-20 a piece. That’s right! But you can get the same level of tackiness, colors and unbelievably proudly “Made in the USA” for a fraction of that cost.

Tacki Mac’s newest offering consists of their popular Itomic line which they debuted at this time last year. Now Hireko has added the mid sized versions in all 4 colors to complement them. Then there is all-new Itomic it2, which is a little lighter version with a more distinctive appearance. The Itomic family of grips can be installed normally or turned 180 degrees around if you prefer the subdued graphics and lettering.

While the smooth texture of the velvet style pattern remains quite popular today, Tacki Mac still offers a wrap style for more torsional resistance in the fingers and palms. The wrap style is available in the two most popular colors in grips today plus in different sizes for custom fitting.

If you are in the market for re-gripping your clubs in the near future, you should give Tacki Mac a strong consideration.


Tacki-Mac Itomic IT2 Black

Price: $3.95

Tacki-Mac Itomic IT2 Black Midsize

Price: $4.10

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap Black

Price: $3.75

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap Black Midsize

Price: $3.90

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap Black Jumbo

Price: $4.05

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap White

Price: $3.75

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap White Midsize

Price: $3.90

Tacki-Mac Itomic Wrap White Jumbo

Price: $4.05

Tacki-Mac Itomic IT2 White

Price: $3.95

Tacki-Mac Itomic IT2 White Midsize

Price: $4.10


Tacki-Mac Standard

Price: $1.50

Tacki-Mac Oversize

Price: $1.60

Tacki-Mac Arthritic OS

Price: $1.90

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  1. Bill Andrieski says:

    I’ll agree that Tacki Mac grips have been around for quite a while. They give you a little firmer feel and are fantastic in all kinds of weather. I’ve used them since the late early 1980’s and it’s nice to buy an “American Made Product”.

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