Hireko Offers the Largest Select of Left Handed Golf Equipment in the Industry

At Hireko, we are usually quite humble and don’t toot our own horn as much as we should. One important tidbit of information we should mention (or plaster all over our website) is that Hireko is probably the most left handed friendly company in the entire golf biz. While we may not offer every single product in a LH option, we do offer a greater selection than any other company out there.

Are You Left Handed?
If you answered yes, then you are already aware that you are in the minority in the United States. OK, for you folks in Canada, there may be isolated pockets where there are high concentrations of “lefties”, but only 10% of Americans are left-handed. To compound the problem, of those that are LH and play golf, not all play golf left handed. They opt or are forced to learn the game the “other way” because of limited or non-existent choice of equipment when they decide to get started. And before someone makes a comment, yes there are a few (and I mean only a few like Phil Mickelson) who are a natural “righty” who plays golf LH. But in the whole scheme of things, LH golfers account for fewer than 10% of the golfing population.

What does that mean to golfers playing LH?
Plain and simple, you will have fewer options. In a perfect world, every clubhead design in every loft and any other option would be made in LH as well. But the facts are that tooling costs are ever increasing, fewer golfers are playing golf and product life cycles are dwindling that for even a company of enormous size cannot honestly offer the same number of LH products as they do RH and expect to break even. So manufacturers cherry pick and only offer LH versions in what they think will be their heavy hitters.

The other reality is companies smaller in size than Hireko could not even sell the minimum runs required by the foundries. So if you are left-handed and aren’t Mister Average, good luck finding any niche products. Left-handed woman, well you are the smallest minority of them all. If you have paid attention, the situation is not getting any better.

Hireko is your one-stop source for LH products
Hey lefties or clubmakers / club fitters who cater to LH customers in your area – don’t give up hope! Yes, we offer all of heavy hitters in the LH options and some that aren’t. If you slice the ball off the tee or the fairway, we got you covered. If you need reduced offset irons, we got those too. Even LH ladies can acquire products that will help them excel with the Acer XK and XF lines as we offer higher trajectory drivers and irons. But here are some left hand clubhead designs you may not be able to find anywhere else, but can at Hireko now or later this year:

Controllable Driver Acer XDS Thriver Driver $89.95 each with free headcover!
Lighter weight, longer distance driver Acer XF Leggera Driver $104.95 each with free headcover
Hot-face hybrids and irons Power Play Caiman Irons $26.95 each
Full set of hybrids Power Play Select 5000 Hybrids $20.60 each with free headcover
Higher-lofted Fairway woods Synchron II Fairway Woods $39.95 each with free headcover
Blade style iron Dynacraft Prophet Tour Irons $32.95 each
Chippers Acer XK Chipper $29.95 each
Chippers Acer XK Flipper $29.95 each
High lofted wedges Acer XB Wedges Starts at $24.95 each
High lofted wedges Professional Open Wedges Starts at $21.95 each

Why shop anywhere else?
With our expansive and expanded line up of shafts, grips and clubmaking supplies, your first and possibly only stop for left handed equipment should be Hireko both now and into the future. So Viva la Lefty golfers across the globe, Hireko have a vested interest in your game.


  1. Tony Paluka says:

    About five years ago I wanted to find new irons with graphite shafts. Being left-handed, you just can’t walk into a golf shop and hit 10 different irons. I remembered the Dynacraft name from years back and googled to see if they were still around. I found out that they were bought by Hireko, and more importantly, that Jeff still worked for them. After questioning Jeff to death, I ordered a 7-iron to try. Since then, I have gone from XP905 to XK Pro to React irons all combined for less than the price of ordering one set from an OEM. Thanks Hireko and Jeff for giving me plenty of options I never had before.

  2. Justin Blair says:

    Jeff is absolutely right- Hireko has the most LH choices, hands down. I’ve looked everywhere, from well-known component companies like Golf Smith and Works to little known places like Monark and SVG and no one comes close.

  3. Robert A. Ott says:

    Cough, cough, LH 9.5 degree driver? Cough, cough.
    All beside that, I build the Xk irons, great wedges also.
    Putter, I like a blade while I am complaining.

  4. Joe Lawler says:

    Lefties are surprised in my shop when they learn of the choices in LH. The Adrenaline Driver arrives 3-1-2011.
    Jeff is very pleased with this Driver, aerodynamic, plasma welded and cup face to create larger sweet spot. Should be fun!!

  5. Scott Carpenter says:

    Such a relief that there are options for us lefty’s! Searched and searched and searched…… Finally found a place to order CUSTOM clubs that ANYONE can afford. Thank you Hireko Golf! Can’t wait to place my order!

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