New Apollo Colored Steel Shafts Arriving Friday December 17th!

Experience Steel Shafts in a Whole New Spectrum

The ever popular Apollo Stepless Steel shafts are now available in multiple colors to bring life to any golf club.

Graphite shafts come in a cornucopia of colors and helps to bring flavor and life to a club. Steel shafts are, well, typically chrome. So we thought to ourselves, why not make steel shafts colored? Especially in irons, where steel shafts dominate, there is often a drabness as compared to the wow of drivers and fairway woods. Sure, you could put in a graphite shaft, but not every golfer needs graphite or a lighter weight shaft in their irons. The additional weight of steel provides heft to pace out the golfer’s timing and tempo so they can maintain control, especially with golfers who possess higher clubhead speed or a quicker tempo swings. True, you can find heavier and stiffer graphite iron shafts on the market, but no where near the economical price of a steel shaft.

Introducing the all-new Apollo Colored Stepless Steel Series. Based upon our popular Standard Stepless design, but instead of the same boring high-chrome finish, these shafts are coated with a durable finish to provide a stunning appearance. Available in four distinctive colors (Black, Blue, Red and Ivory) in R/S combination flex iron models to match the most popular color schemes in heads and grips today. The Apollo Colored Steel series give golfers (and professional club fitters) just one more option in their arsenal to help lower their score while making a statement about their game.

All shafts available Iron R/S.

Apollo Black Steel Shaft #APMSSBK $5.10 each
Apollo Blue Steel Shaft #APMSSBL $5.10 each
Apollo Red Steel Shaft #APMSSRD $5.10 each
Apollo Ivory Steel Shaft #APMSSIV $5.10 each


  1. Lynn Goss says:

    Has any testing been done to see how well these shafts hold up to regular bag wear and exposure to the elements?

  2. Steve D says:

    Oh Man! These look hot! Now I’ve got to build a set with the new Acer XK irons and these shafts – the hard part will be deciding on color – I’ll match them out with a hot looking grip and just set them in my shop and look at them!

  3. Paul Mueller says:

    looks promising and appealing to the average golfer. I will be ordering some very soon.

  4. Paul Mueller says:

    Paul Mueller says the average golfer will find these appealing and will be switching to steel shafts

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    We had hoped to launch these a year ago, but there was a lot of durability testing done to ensure the finish would hold up.

  6. Andrew says:

    Really like the look of these. Love the look of the Acculite 95’s, but wanted something with a bit more weight to them.

    I get my 7-iron out to 160 off the deck – 170 off the deck (Acer XK Pros with TT Dynamic Golds in Stiff) so the Apollo Standard Stepless in Stiff looks like a good match to what I want.

    Flight should be a touch higher than the TT’s, which again, is what I’m looking for.

    Keep em coming Hireko.

  7. Andrew says:

    That should be 160 off the deck – 170 off the tee.

    Slip of the keyboard.

  8. Sharron Clemons says:

    Oh Man! These look hot! Now I’ve got to build a set with the new Acer XK irons and these shafts – the hard part will be deciding on color – I’ll match them out with a hot looking grip and just set them in my shop and look at them!

  9. Bruce says:

    I have a set of Taylormade supersteel irons with Precision rifle shafts in them. I could hit them find, but thought they were a little weak for my swing speed. So I wondered, what if I tried putting a stiffer shaft in them to see how they’d work, so I purchased a set of the Apollo Black steel shafts because of the price, I thought was reasonable and if they didn’t work, no big deal only 60 bucks spent. I put them on my 4 thru gap wedge and took them out for a round of golf. I couldn’t believe the difference. I’m a 6 handicap and my biggest trouble is a wayward approach shot with a mid Iron but I could scramble pretty good which kept my handicap down. I was throwing the ball right at the pin on most of the mid iron shots the whole round, my yardage was a little problem, just not use to them. I must have gained 5 to 7 yards on the midirons, which I can get used to. Anyway I was even par on the 17th tee a hard par 4. I should have hit my driver for a wedge into the green, but instead I hit a hybrid just to be able to hit one of my midirons, after all I was trying to get use to them. I missed hit my hybrid and had to hit it again to reach the green and didn’t, ended up with a double. I pared the last 185 par 3 with a 5 iron to the green for a 2 over 73. I had 2 tap in birdies from less than 2 feet hit with mid irons. Needless to say I can’t wait until next year so I can play more with them. I’m in the process of buying more for my other wedges and 3 iron. These shafts are totally unbelievable, I still can’t get over how straight and solid I was hitting them. I don’t usually write reviews, but this one I had to, just don’t drive the price up on them before I get my other 4 shafts.

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