Thanksgiving Holiday Wishes from Hireko Golf

While it may be an extended weekend (at least in the US) for many individuals to go shopping, take a couple days off to rest and relax or even an excuse to stretch out on the couch watching sporting events, don’t forget what Thanksgiving is all about.

Hopefully you are fortunate to be visiting with family and friends while carving the turkey, scooping up a heaping pile of homemade stuffing, passing the cranberry sauce and leaving just enough room for homemade pumpkin pie. Just take a little time lamenting what you are be grateful for. Maybe you had a memorable feat on the golf course this year like your first birdie, a personal best round or even a hole-in-one. Maybe it was more personal like the arrival of your first child or finally shipping one off to college to conquer the world. Or some one dear to you came back from Iraq, Afghanistan or a station in some remote part of the world.

Whatever you may have thanks for, all of the staff at Hireko Golf want to wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

In observance of Thanksgiving Day, our staff will be off Thursday and Friday and will resume normal business hours starting Monday Nov. 29th.