Closeout Shafts & Grips Up To 63% Off!

New 2011 golf equipment is arriving daily and we need to clear our warehouse to make room. Save up to 63% off on the following shaft and grips on closeout! Buy now, supplies limited.


Model # Reg. Price Sale Price Savings!
Fujikura Saishin FJSAI $49.99 $39.99 20%
Acer X-Class Orange Shaft

GS6863 $9.95 $8.45 15%
Acer X-Class Pewter Shaft

GS68631 $9.95 $8.45

True Ace Pink Diamond Shaft

HSG6010 $10.95 $8.95 18%
Synchron TF 947 Blk

SG1001 $7.55 $4.75 37%
Grafalloy ProLaunch Fairway

GRFMPLFW $58.60 $49.45 16%
Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue Hybrid GRFMPLHY $41.10 $29.95 27%
Grafalloy ProLaunch Platinum Hybrid GRFMPLPHY $54.95 $35.95 34%
Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Driver GRFMPLRI $38.65 $31.10 20%
Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Driver

GRFMPLR $70 $59.10 16%
Grafalloy Prolite 3.5 Red New Burgundy Wood

GRFM35A $39.55 $31.85 19%
Grafalloy ProLite 35 High Launch GRFM35HL $39.55 $31.85 19%
Grafalloy Epic Fairway

UEPICFW $79.95 $64.45 19%
Grafalloy Epic Hybrid

UEPICHY $79.95 $64.45 19%
Grafalloy Epic 70 UEPIC70 $99.95 $80.55 19%
Grafalloy Pro Launch Red Fairway

GRFMPLRFW $58.60 $49.45 16%
Grafalloy Pro Launch Red Hybrid

GRFMPLRHY $41.80 $35.30 16%
Dual Durometer Putter Grip Blue

RE20 $6.02 $2.95 51%
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Putter Grip Red

RE21 $6.02 $2.95 51%
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Putter Grip Orange

RE22 $6.02 $2.95 51%
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Putter Grip Pink

RE23 $6.02 $2.95 51%
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Putter Grip Yellow RE24 $6.02 $3.95 34%
Golf Pride Decade Putter Grip Red

RE35 $5.20 $2.95 43%
Golf Pride V-RAD Silk Putter Grip

RE92 $7.21 $5.95 17%
Golf Pride VYNE Standard Apple

RE113 $3.51 $3.19 9%
Golf Pride V-RAD USA Putter Grip

RE119 $7.79 $7.08 9%
Golf Pride Tour Tradition Putter Grip Orange

RE123 $5.13 $4.66 9%
Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Black/Pink

RE28 $7.59 $6.90 9%
Golf Pride Players Sofftie

RE53 $3.81 $3.46 9%
Golf Pride Players Sofftie Midsize (+1/16)

RE62 $4.52 $4.11 9%
Golf Pride V-RAD Shock Putter Grip

RE91 $7.79 $7.08 9%
Golf Pride DD2 Black/Lime Green

RE98 $5.58 $5.07 9%
Golf Pride Durometer Putter Grip RE40 $6.02 $3.95 34%
Lamkin Royal Crossline Putter Yellow 0.580

RL149 $2.95 $1.10 63%
Lamkin Crossline Pink/Black RL108 $2.68 $1.10 59%
Lamkin Dual Density Putter Green 0.580 RL150 $2.95 $1.49 49%
Royal Crossline Pistol Putter Blue RL125 $1.95 $.95 51%
Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Putter Grip

RL79 $4.25 $3.49 18%

True Temper DG Spinner Shaft – More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

By now, most golfers are aware of the recent USGA regulation on groove volume and edge sharpness.  This was enforced so that professional or more skilled golfers could not spin the ball as much from the rough by preventing the so-called over reliance on technology. Consistent with USGA findings, research has confirmed that these players will be impacted by the reduction of spin (as much as 50%) and higher launch angle (up to 5 degrees) creating more roll out from full shots and low impact pitch shots from the rough.

True Temper engineers soon began to work on a solution to this problem by utilizing the best players in the world as their guinea pigs. They wanted to develop a wedge series that would increase spin properties during both full shots and low impact swing conditions and at the same time, generate lower launch conditions for more controlled flight properties while increasing the descent angle for greater stopping power.  Now that is one tall order.

Dynamic Gold has been perennially the number one shaft in pro-line wedges and considered the benchmark, so a DG “Spinner” version began its transformation.  True Temper engineers added a unique 3” recessed area just below the grip which acts as a hinge.  The shaft actually becomes smaller or reduces in diameter before getting larger again. The result was the DG Spinner’s shaft bending profile created a sharper angle of attack on the downswing to reduce trajectory (1.5 degrees on average) while at the same time increasing the spin (250 rpm) compared to the standard Dynamic Gold.

There are a couple of things to know about the DG Spinner.  First, they are only available in a 0.355” taper tip version, so they won’t fit any Hireko wedge.  But most of the big name brand wedges you find like Cleveland, Titleist and Ping all accept taper tip shafts that can be retro-fitted with the DG Spinner shaft.  Second, there are actually two different versions.  There is a 124g Wedge version for finesse or less than full shots designed for the sand and lob wedges.  Then there is another version called the Wedge + (plus), which is 131g and designed for the pitching and gap wedges that are designed more for full shots.

As you can see this is one way shaft manufacturers can offer, with a little creativity, new technology to combat the throttling back of technology by a select few. Proving once again there is more than one way to skin a cat (but not your ball) and ultimately give golfers what they desire or were used to in the first place.

True Temper DG Spinner Wedge – Tapered $20.40 each

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