Introducing the 2011 Nano-White Bionik Putters


Make a Few More Strokes Vanish on the Green

Two of our best selling putters have received a complete make over in time for the New Year.  Each of these two putters now dons high optic nano-white paint.  Nano-white you ask?  It is a very special paint that provides not only a distinctive appearance so it is easier to align the putter toward your target, but at the same time remain extremely durable to avoid scratches and nicks much, much better than regular paint.

As mentioned there are two different models.  The first is the Bionik 101 Nano White.  This classic heel/toe weighting is finished with a contrasting soft, silver precision dual-milled face insert to ensure superior performance.

The Bionik 105 Nano White putter features a semi-mallet design. It too has a contrasting soft, silver precision milled face insert but in a striking honeycomb pattern.  For clubmakers, these take standard .370” straight putter shafts making installation a breeze.

People have to have rocks in their head for shelling out $200 for a putter. I dare you find another putter on the market that will look as sensational, perform as well and is priced anywhere close to what these two putters are.  Remember to go white if you want to see a few strokes vanish from around the green. Better yet, go Nano-White.

Bionik 101 Nano White Custom Assembled Putter $27.95 each
Bionik 101 Nano White Component Clubhead Putter $9.95 each
Bionik 105 Nano White Custom Assembled Putter $27.95 each
Bionik 105 Nano White Component Clubhead Putter $9.95 each


  1. DON FORD says:

    What material used in your Bionik 101 Nano White putter head?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    These are die cast zinc putters.

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