Holiday Gift Solutions for the Clubmaker

If one of your customers is looking for some new clubs at Christmas for their loved one, but doesn’t know their size, or for that matter, much about their game, that can be a dilemma for any clubmaker.  On top of it, your customer wants something for them to open instead of handing them another gift certificate.  Been there, done that!

Here are some simple solutions.  One solution is to save some of those Hireko boxes or any of those boxes you have received containing shafts to replenish your stock or a club that came in for repair.  Wrap it up in some nice wrapping paper (with a golf theme of course) and place one of your gift certificates inside for that special someone to get fit and/or toward the purchase of new gear.  Make sure to put a reasonable expiration date on the gift certificate.

The other alternative is that your customer knows at least what clubs (or model) that person has hinted at. Simply build the clubs up as you would normally would, except don’t cut the butt end of the shafts to length just yet.  Then place the grips inside the box and wrap it up.  On Christmas day, that golfer can be surprised and open up a box of shiny new clubs and they can have them sized and adjusted when you get a chance to see them in person. If that person prefers another style or size of grip those can easily be swapped out.

Make your customers enjoy a worry-free Christmas this year!