Vote for Hireko on November 2!


On Tuesday November 2, 2010 I would encourage you all to take a deep, dark look…into
your golf bag. That’s right, on this special day I want you to look at all those
underachievers you have been carrying around before it’s too late and they are still there
again in a few more months to start a brand new season.

See, there is no better time for a change than right now. By now, many golf bags are
sitting idle with the incumbents doing nothing at all, yet taking up valuable space and
wasting your money. Do you have a 15 term putter in your bag? Perhaps it is a 4 term
wedge or maybe it is a fresh new driver you got last term that had all sorts of promises,
yet hasn’t done a thing since its initial arrival.

Are you telling me you are satisfied with the performance of those choices you have
made in the past or have been passed down that you want to keep those incumbents in
your bag? Have you looked at other candidates to replace them? If not, you must have
your head in the sand because there are a lot of fresh new candidates ready to take their
place and doing a much better job. However, if you have done your homework and came
to the conclusion that what you have is better than the alternatives, then consider yourself

But if you haven’t, then you have no one to blame but yourself when things go awry, you
will become even more dissatisfied next season and by that time it is too late. I for one
don’t want to see anyone quit and give up hope. Is your golf bag full of names that have
built a dynasty or have been household names for so long you can’t remember a time
before them? Well then exercise your right to change.

Some of you might have voted absentee in the past month and already made plans for
some replacements – good for you! But if you haven’t decided, looked around or just
sitting on the fence, by golly look at your future. Listen up America, what you put in
your bag makes an impact on all of us. So you in Northern California, Nevada or
Kentucky consider this, when you travel to other parts of US, you could be paired with
me. I don’t want to be burdened with your mistake of carrying around some old crusty
club that is not going to get the job done and ruin my enjoyment.

Vote early and often, but vote for change and vote for Hireko. With Hireko, you have a
fresh new face and not some company that has been around so long they are simply going
through the motions and giving you more of the same old. We don’t care if you tend to
go to the right or left or if you are always in the middle. With Hireko you also have
greater choice and freedom in selection. On Tuesday November 2, take a deep hard look
into your golf bag and call out all of your underachievers and replace them with Hireko
branded equipment!