Ten New Lamkin Grips In Stock!

Why wait for 2011 for new products to arrive? Hireko is pleased to announce that ten new Lamkin grips for next year will be in stock this week. These innovative, high-performance grips will allow you to take hold of your game helping you lower strokes.

Performance Plus 3GEN
The black series in the Performance Plus grips sold this year are getting more than just a face list. Now they will have revolutionary 3GEN synthetic rubber compound to provide an even softer feel and shock-dampening benefits. The Performance Plus line, if you aren’t aware, has a reduced amount of taper in the grip. What this does is take some of the “wristiness” out of the swing providing more control in the swing.

Lamkin Performance+ 3GEN Black

$4.99 ea.

Lamkin Performance+ 3GEN Black Midsize

$5.49 ea.

Lamkin Performance+ 3GEN White Undersize

$4.99 ea.

Joining the line is an undersized version of the original white. If you are wondering what undersized is, it is the gender neutral name for what has traditionally been named ladies. However, there are a number of men who might have smaller hands that like the size and feel of a smaller grip, but wouldn’t normally think about purchasing a ladies grip. Undersized is simply a better term in today’s age of fitting.

Lamkin N-DUR 3GEN White/Black Midsize

$7.99 ea.

The N-DUR also features the soft 3GEN rubber compound, but it has this traction-enhancing dual-surface design to create the most advanced grip on the market today. You have the softer top side of the grip, but underneath where you need the most traction, has these hexagon shaped pattern to resist slippage. New for 2011 is a mid-sized version in the black and white color scheme.

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN

$4.99 ea.

The R.E.L. is a new family blended with the 3GEN material. Similar to the Performance Plus, but there are two key differences. One of which will be a unique surface pattern. The other being the R.E.L has the traditional taper found in most grips today.

Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic 3GEN White

$4.99 ea.

Perma Wrap Classic 3GEN
The Perma Wrap Classic has the traditional wrapped looked of a leather grip coupled with a tacky feel to the touch. This newest version is the hot color in golf today – white with a black pinstripe. Opposed to the previous grips in the Perma Wrap line, this model is manufactured with the 3GEN material to help in vibration-dampening to protect the golfer’s hands and arm joints from jarring shockwaves. The neutral colors in the grip will look sharp on any club, but just won’t be shocking when you mis-hit the ball.


New Putter Models – E.B.L. Series
There are four distinct sizes and shapes in the E.B.L. putter line. Each is color coded and features the 3GEN material. The two-toned models are offered with a dual surfaced design to profile feel and traction where it is needed most. The all white model is consistently smooth with a tacky feel.

Lamkin E.B.L. Pistol 3GEN Gray/Black

$6.99 ea.

Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN Red/Black

$6.99 ea.

Lamkin E.B.L. Paddle 3GEN White/Black Midsize

$8.99 ea.

Lamkin E.B.L. Smooth Pistol 3GEN White

$4.99 ea.

The red and black model is the standard sized paddle offering while the white and black version is the midsize or a slightly larger size. The gray and black and the all-white are the standard size but in the pistol shape. The key difference pistol and paddle is the paddle offers a wider front and less taper than does the pistol shape.

That is a quick peek of Lamkin’s new line up now available at Hireko.