Our Forums Just Got a Facelift!

We would like to announce that the Hireko forum has received a new a facelift. Actually it is bit more than that as we now have a new host with a whole lot of new features to make your visit better. If you are unaware of the Hireko Golf forum or has been a while since you last stopped by, it is just another way to ask or search for questions 24/7/365 at your convenience in addition to all the information we publish weekly and store on the Hireko Blog.

If you will be participating for the very first time, you will need to register separately for this forum. Your Hireko user name and ID may no longer work the same as the shopping site. However, if you have participated previously, you will not have to re-register and continue to post as you have in the past.

The new Hireko forum is much more powerful than the older format. For one, the search feature is better. If you are looking for older threads, don’t worry. They are all still there instead of moved to the Archive forums or missing altogether so you search answers to your questions on a number of topics. The site is also more secure and allows you to change your personal settings.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to click on the FAQ at the top to explain all of those features. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t be shy. Play around and check out the new environment as well as join on in the conversation with fellow golfers or ask our staff a question. The Hireko Forum is just another example of how Hireko is able to assist customers stay up-to-date and receive the information they need immediately.

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