Clubmaker Spotlight: Gary Johnson, Owner of Condor Golf

Gary Johnson has been a Hireko/Dynacraft customer for over 25 years. His shop, Condor Golf was started in September, 1985 in Phoenix, AZ.  Prior to that, the name of the business was Gary Johnson Golf Enterprises in Akron, OH established in 1972.  It started as a golf instruction business only and then progressed to club repair, club fitting, general club and accessory sales and then finally to custom club manufacturing. His early training in the early 1970’s was at a custom golf shop in Akron, OH by the name of Kosar Golf. Gary began using Dynacraft clubheads in the late 1980’s.

Q. Gary why is your shop successful?
A. The main reason for my success is customer service.  I try to treat the customer the way I would want to be treated. Also selling only what the customer needs instead of what the customer thinks he/she needs. This might result in fewer club sales, but it also gains the trust of the customer. Also, being able to use the proven scientific data provided by Jeff Summitt and others at Hireko helps convince customers that they are getting the best equipment at the best price.

Q. What are your biggest challenges?
A. The current golf market is indeed quite challenging…the downturn of the economy, less disposable income by customers, fewer golfers playing, big box golf stores (and big box stores in general who also sell golf equipment), OEM’s who treat the component industry like a poor step-sister, huge advertising campaigns by large OEM’s, incredibly bad information passed on to the average golfers who then believe it, magazine articles written by staff who are biased towards the large OEM’s because they receive advertising dollars from those same OEM’s and knowledgeable golf professionals who give incorrect information to their clients/customers.

Q. Where do most of your sales come from?
A. Most of my business comes from my website (, through pay-per-click advertising on Google, reward points for buying products on the site and I also promote on both Facebook and Twitter.  In addition I hand out my business cards at golf courses that I play and to golfers that I get paired with during the round. The rest comes from word of mouth advertising.  I also try to give some free “hand out” items whenever a customer orders any custom clubs from my site that are shipped from Condor Golf.

Gary Johnson can be reached at:
Condor Golf
Phoenix, AZ  85085
ph 623-581-2986

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