Hireko Golf Releases New Acer XDS React Irons

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Hireko Golf Introduces New Acer XDS React Irons
New iron yields sniper accuracy and behemoth distance.

– September 16, 2010 – Hireko
Golf today introduced the new Acer XDS React Irons to its best selling Acer XDS series of golf equipment. The Acer XDS React iron features a tapered topline and reduced offset for a conventional look to attract a wide array of players.

“Finally an iron that reacts positively to the way you hit the ball by putting the kibosh on off-center shots,” states Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt. “The game improvement features of the new React Irons are contained within the ultra-deep, asymmetrical multi-tier cavity area to enhance the perimeter weighting by focusing weight where it is needed for most golfers to experience a higher ball flight, a more solid feel and with precision accuracy.”

The Acer XDS React Irons are available in right and left hand 3-PW, AW, SW custom made to order for $25.95 each. They can be purchased online at www.hirekogolf.com.

SOURCE: Hireko Trading Company, Inc.

Contact: Rob Altomonte,

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Our Forums Just Got a Facelift!

We would like to announce that the Hireko forum has received a new a facelift. Actually it is bit more than that as we now have a new host with a whole lot of new features to make your visit better. If you are unaware of the Hireko Golf forum or has been a while since you last stopped by, it is just another way to ask or search for questions 24/7/365 at your convenience in addition to all the information we publish weekly and store on the Hireko Blog.

If you will be participating for the very first time, you will need to register separately for this forum. Your Hireko user name and ID may no longer work the same as the shopping site. However, if you have participated previously, you will not have to re-register and continue to post as you have in the past.

The new Hireko forum is much more powerful than the older format. For one, the search feature is better. If you are looking for older threads, don’t worry. They are all still there instead of moved to the Archive forums or missing altogether so you search answers to your questions on a number of topics. The site is also more secure and allows you to change your personal settings.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to click on the FAQ at the top to explain all of those features. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t be shy. Play around and check out the new environment as well as join on in the conversation with fellow golfers or ask our staff a question. The Hireko Forum is just another example of how Hireko is able to assist customers stay up-to-date and receive the information they need immediately.

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Apollo Steel Shafts: A More In-Depth Look

Apollo Steel Shafts: A More In-Depth Look

A lot had been written on our Blog about the new Apollo steel shafts and rightfully so. Why? Low price, wide range of products and customer satisfaction had made the newer Acculite Series and Phantom an instant success. But let’s not forget about some of the other shafts in the Apollo line. Some of which have been fan favorites for many, many years. If you are not already familiar with these or this is your first experience with Apollo steel shafts, here is a brief skinny about each one of them.

These are the newest shafts which include the ultra-light series Acculite 75, 85 and 95, with the number denoting the approximate cut weight of a mid iron. For your reference, a standard weight steel shaft is roughly 110-115g and a popular weight in graphite irons is 75g.

Then there is the Acculite 95 Gunsmoke, which is the same exact shaft as the Acculite 95 but with that smokin’ hot black PVD finish. This is the same finish as you see on all those high end black driver heads like our Power Play Caiman and even our Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons.

Last but not least is the Phantom, which is the stepless ultra-light shaft with a slightly firmer tip than the Acculite 95. All of these shafts perform great and are at a price everyone can afford.

But let’s not forget about some of the other shafts in the Apollo line. Some of which have been fan favorites for many, many years. If you are not already familiar with these or this is your first experience with Apollo steel shafts, here is a brief skinny about each one of them.

Introduced in the late 1980’s and then popularized in the 1990’s, notably by being the stock shaft in one of the most popular clubs of all time (King Cobra Oversize iron), the unique step pattern sets this shaft apart from the others. The Apollo Shadow’s long parallel tip section followed by those 10 little ½” steps ensures a high ball flight pattern for a wide range of golfers.

The ladies and senior flexes are very well suited to the needs of the slower swinging golfer as they are probably the softest and most flexible steel shafts produced today. The R&S flexes are substantially stiffer and heavier for control while the softer tip section serves to help square the face for those who suffer with pushing, fading or even slicing their irons.

One other note in particular is the A-flex version of the Shadow makes an excellent hybrid shaft for average strength male golfers. Yes, that’s right, this is not just a good senior iron shaft, but a hybrid shafts for lower lofted models for much stronger golfers.

Originally designed to reduce inventory, it can be used to create L, A, R and S-flex with a single shaft. Its 44” raw length and 12.5” parallel tip sections gives custom clubmakers a lot of latitude. I feel that legitimately you can make a good senior flex and up to the X-flex range and everything in-between with some creative tip trimming. The Balistik is also a stepless shaft giving it a distinctive appearance.

The Hump is one of the most unusual steel shafts made. You either love it or you don’t. The people that love it are the ones that consistently pull or hook the ball with their irons. The stiffer tip section (the Hump feature) resists the shaft from turning the ball over. I feel where this shaft really shines is when combined with today’s hybrid. The Hump is a pretty lightweight steel shaft and the fade bias as seen in an iron is neutralized with the more rearward center of gravity locations of today’s hybrids.

Spectre Lite
The iron shafts are one of the stiffest shafts in their weight range and flex. There are still a number of golfers who want lighter weight steel yet don’t exactly have the smoothest of swings. The Spectre Lite satisfies the lighter weight they are looking for, but the added stiffness and shorter parallel tip length provides the added stability they really need. If you have a smooth swing tempo, look elsewhere in the Apollo line, but for those with quick tempos or compact swings will covet this model.

While most of you are looking at steel shafts for irons, wedges and even some hybrids, I want to talk about the wood shaft. Yes, manufacturers still do manage to manufacturer a few models these days. It is the lightest, most affordable steel wood shaft on the market and a great choice for consumers looking for a lightweight alternative to graphite in their fairway woods.

Standard Stepped
The Standard Stepped is the most economical shaft in the Apollo line. You would think that a heavier shaft would be more expensive to manufacturer as you have more material than a lighter weight shaft. But this isn’t always the case. The reason for being economical is there is no special alloys required, plus with the steps being 2” apart, there are fewer operations to perform in the manufacturing of them.

A few years ago the A/L version was redesigned. It is now softer and lighter weight making it a much more playable shaft for slower swinging golfers.

Standard Stepless
As the name would imply, the Standard Stepless is a stepless shaft. It is comparable weight to the Standard Stepped and a bit firmer making it an excellent economical choice for average to stronger-than-average male golfers.

As a synopsis, here are a couple of comparison charts to show how each shaft is positioned with in the line with regards to weight and stiffness. The first chart shows the relative weight of a cut shaft for a 5-iron for either the R-flex or A-flex in each model.

Model Cut Weight of 5-iron (grams)
Acculite 75 77
Acculite 85 84
Phantom 91
Acculite 95 / Gunsmoke 93
Spectre Lite A/L 94
Shadow A/L 95
Spectre Lite R/S 96
Hump 100
Standard Stepped A/L 106
Balistik 108
Standard Stepless R/S 109
Shadow R/S 110
Standard Stepped R/S 111

This next chart shows the relative stiffness of each shaft in an assembled 5-iron based on one representative sample. Note that all this information can be found in the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index for all shafts and brands Hireko sells, plus plenty more information you didn’t even know to ask about.

Assembled 5-iron Frequency (cpm) Comparison

Model / Flex L A R S
Acculite 75 265 275
Acculite 85 297 306
Acculite 95 286 295
Phantom 286 295
Hump 283 294
Balistik 293 298 305 313
Shadow 271 277 319 331
Spectre Lite 287 291 312 324
Standard Stepless 306 316
Standard Stepped 282 285 292 302

Acculite 75 Steel
$10.95 ea.

Acculite 85 Steel
$8.25 ea

Acculite 95 Steel
$10.95 ea.

Apollo Acculite 95 Gunsmoke Steel
$10.95 ea.

Power Play Caiman Driver Clubhead
$59.95 ea.

Dynacraft Prophet CNC Forged Iron Clubhead
$19.95 ea.

Apollo Phantom Steel
$8.25 ea.

Apollo Shadow Steel
$3.90 ea.

Apollo Balistik Steel
$8.00 ea.

Apollo Hump Steel
$7.30 ea.

Apollo Spectre Lite Steel
$4.45 ea.

Apollo Standard Stepped Steel
$2.85 ea.

Apollo Standard Stepless Steel
$3.35 ea.

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New Acer XDS React Irons In Stock!

Sniper Accuracy.
Behemoth Distance.

Finally an iron that reacts positively to the way you hit the ball by putting the kibosh on off-center shots. Shrouded within the ultra-deep, asymmetrical multi-tiered cavity area is a monstrous assemblage of weight ingeniously dispersed to ultimately provide that unbelievably solid feel, and precision accuracy you have always dreamed about. The clean, unobtrusively appearance includes a well-rounded sole, thin tapered top line and moderate offset that will be sure to please a wide array of players. And remember, every assembled Acer XDS React Iron is custom made to order!
Acer XDS React Irons Custom Assembled $25.95 each

Acer XDS React Irons Component Clubhead $9.95 each

Clubmaker Spotlight: Gary Johnson, Owner of Condor Golf

Gary Johnson has been a Hireko/Dynacraft customer for over 25 years. His shop, Condor Golf was started in September, 1985 in Phoenix, AZ.  Prior to that, the name of the business was Gary Johnson Golf Enterprises in Akron, OH established in 1972.  It started as a golf instruction business only and then progressed to club repair, club fitting, general club and accessory sales and then finally to custom club manufacturing. His early training in the early 1970’s was at a custom golf shop in Akron, OH by the name of Kosar Golf. Gary began using Dynacraft clubheads in the late 1980’s.

Q. Gary why is your shop successful?
A. The main reason for my success is customer service.  I try to treat the customer the way I would want to be treated. Also selling only what the customer needs instead of what the customer thinks he/she needs. This might result in fewer club sales, but it also gains the trust of the customer. Also, being able to use the proven scientific data provided by Jeff Summitt and others at Hireko helps convince customers that they are getting the best equipment at the best price.

Q. What are your biggest challenges?
A. The current golf market is indeed quite challenging…the downturn of the economy, less disposable income by customers, fewer golfers playing, big box golf stores (and big box stores in general who also sell golf equipment), OEM’s who treat the component industry like a poor step-sister, huge advertising campaigns by large OEM’s, incredibly bad information passed on to the average golfers who then believe it, magazine articles written by staff who are biased towards the large OEM’s because they receive advertising dollars from those same OEM’s and knowledgeable golf professionals who give incorrect information to their clients/customers.

Q. Where do most of your sales come from?
A. Most of my business comes from my website (www.condorgolf.com), through pay-per-click advertising on Google, reward points for buying products on the site and I also promote on both Facebook and Twitter.  In addition I hand out my business cards at golf courses that I play and to golfers that I get paired with during the round. The rest comes from word of mouth advertising.  I also try to give some free “hand out” items whenever a customer orders any custom clubs from my site that are shipped from Condor Golf.

Gary Johnson can be reached at:
Condor Golf
Phoenix, AZ  85085
ph 623-581-2986
Email: gary@condorgolf.com

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Labor Rates: What to Charge in Your Clubmaking Shop

In celebration for this past Labor Day weekend, I decided to address a sticky question for many clubmakers – what to charge for your services.  Here are some tips that will help you establish your pricing strategy.

Establish your own clubmaking pricing and stick to it

When you own a clubmaking shop, it seems like that everybody is your friend. For professional clubmakers, they need to be professional by posting your pricing up front either on a wall chart or in some type of price list that is available to your customers.  You don’t want to be in a position where you are constantly haggling over pricing with a potential customer.  Remember many of your customers will be professionals as well such as physicians, attorneys, electricians and plumbers.  When was the last time you haggled pricing with these professionals?  That’s what I thought.  So be fair, tough and consistent on your pricing policies.

Determine if your pricing should be flat rate or hourly

For routine repairs, like re-gripping or re-shafting, consider charging a flat fee over the cost of the components. For instance, for re-gripping on a retail level charge $3.50 over the retail cost of the grip or for re-shafting $20.00 over the retail cost of the shaft might be a reasonable fee.  Retail cost is what the average person can find in component catalogs or on their websites. This method is more efficient than figuring a certain percentage or margin you need to make.

Plus don’t forget in certain cases like Callaway clubs, you may need specific replacement ferrules that are more costly than a run of the mill ferrule.  A specialty ferrule is a component as well. This will need to be factored into the price otherwise it will start to eat into your profits.

For basic services like lie / loft alteration on irons and wedges, you can also use flat rate like $4.50 per club. However, for miscellaneous repairs such as removing a broken shaft from the hosel, using a flat hourly rate may be a good way to charge for your services.  You might run into situations where you might not know how long or how complicated a task make be.  For instance, you make task on the task of removing the ball bearing from a certain Ping putter or hosel pin on an older Hogan iron you haven’t experienced before.  By charging an hourly rate you protect yourself from unforeseen problems.

Price your services fairly for yourself and your market

Lastly, remember to price your services fairly based on your competition in your immediate area as well as your skill level and reputation. On one hand you don’t want to under-value your services where you feel like you are working like a dog for nothing.  On the other you don’t want to over-price your services either that you wonder why the phone is not ringing or traffic is slow in your shop.

Making the customer aware of what club repair will cost upfront can only serve to make it a more pleasurable experience that should produce return business as well as word-of-mouth advertising for your shop.

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