Sneak Peak at New 2011 Golf Equipment!

2011 Acer XDS React Irons

Who says an advanced game-improvement model can’t look conventional?  The Acer XDS React iron features a tapered topline and reduced offset for a conventional look to attract a wide array of players. The game improvement features are contained within the ultra-deep, asymmetrical multi-tier cavity area to enhance the perimeter weighting by focusing weight where it is needed for most golfers to experience a higher ball flight, a more solid feel and with precision accuracy.
ARRIVING OCTOBER 1. > Learn More and Pre-Order Now!

2011 Karma White Vanilla Scented Grips

The Karma Scented grips have been incredibly successful for our ladies grip line and we are adding a new, vanilla scented grip. Arriving October 15.
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2011 Karma White Velvet Midsize & Oversize Grips

Last but not least, we are adding a couple of grips to the Karma White Velvet line. We are increasing the line by adding a Midsize (+1/32″) and Oversize (+1/8″) grip. The White Velvet line has been a best seller this year, and our Mid-Size and Oversize will be a welcome addition. These two new grips will be arriving October 15.
Pre-Order Karma White Velvet Midsize Grips Now For Only $1.69 each.

Pre-Order Karma White Velvet Oversize Grips Now For Only $1.79 each.


  1. Are there plans for a “Pro” version? Reduced offset (though this is fairly low), 4-degree loft spacing, and no real need for a gap wedge (because the PW is 47-48 degrees and can mate with, say, a 54-degree SW).

    I am currently playing very successfully with the XP905-Pro heads. I know the XK-Pro heads have similar specs. But the specs on the new “React” irons have a more “modern” loft pattern — which I don’t really like.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:

    Hi Dave:

    At this time there are no plans for a “Pro” model. This iron fits or is positioned in-between the current Acer XK and the XK Pro iron models.

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