Aldila’s New RIP™ Shaft Now Available at Hireko

Aldila’s Newest Shaft In Stock!

Hireko is proud to announce our newest arrival – the Aldila RIP™ shaft. This shaft series has already helped post wins on the major circuits including PGA, European and Nationwide Tours since the beginning of this year, but the highly anticipated shaft is now is finally available to custom clubmakers through Hireko Golf.

The RIP shaft is the culmination of all of the technologies Aldila has unveiled in the past decade. Let’s start with the multi-laminate layers that launched the popularity of the NV series. It also features the carbon nanotubes found in the VS Proto series for added stability. Next, it possesses the S-Core technology prominent in the VooDoo series to increase the “hoop strength” to reduce ovalization so you hit the ball straighter. And now, (drum roll please) the RIP offers new patent-pending technology to enhance all of this.

RIP stands for Reverse Interlaminar Placement and not rest in peace as you might have guessed. Nope, I didn’t make that up. What makes this different is the material lay up design. In graphite shaft construction, the inner layers of fiber wrapped around the mandrel are bias ply, or fibers that are wrapped at a +/- 45º angle. These are added to control torque and resist twisting. Now the outer layers of the shaft contain fibers or layers that run longitudinal to the shaft axis. These are the fibers which control the stiffness of a shaft.

According to those wily engineers over there at Aldila, “the RIP Technology moves a large portion of the bias plies in the tip half of the shafts from the inner core to the outer surface of the shaft. Because material farther away from the shaft center is more efficient in providing stiffness (both torsionally and flexurally) the torque of the shaft can be reduced significantly without the need to employ very expensive, very brittle, high modulus fibers. These more efficient outer bias plies also increase the hoop stiffness of the shaft in the tip section providing for greater shaft stability near the clubhead.”

In a nutshell, the outside-the-box thinking behind the RIP™ technology allows for a shaft with a lower torque, increased tip stability and improved tip stiffness control. For those serious about their game, the RIP is one serious shaft. The Aldila RIP series is available in two different weight options: 60g and 70g and in R, S and X flexes.

Oh, and one other thing let’s not forgot to mention one thing, the graphics on this shaft are way cool too!

Aldila RIP 60 Graphite shaft $199.95 ea.
Aldila RIP 70 Graphite shaft $199.95 ea.

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  1. Nice design! But…

    If the PATENT is on moving the bias plies to the outside in the tip half, I doubt that it will stand a challenge. It is an obvious thing to do if you want to trade tip stiffness for torque. (Hoop strength would appear to be more of an issue higher on the shaft, for a variety of reasons. But I could be wrong.)

    Everything you say in the article seems true. Moving any plies to the outside layer does indeed amplify their effect. The bias plies do indeed provide some stiffness, though not as much as longitudinal plies. The bias plies do indeed enhance hoop strength, though not as much as lateral plies. It is all basic engineering to place the plies to accomplish any particular combination of torque and stiffness in any part of the shaft. Anybody who is “skilled in the art” of shaft design knows this.

    The fact that all of this is well known and obvious suggests an easy time for the lawyer hired by any shaft company cares to violate Aldila’s patent — assuming it is granted at all.

  2. John Rabbitt says:

    Tiger is not back on his game. this selection should be decided by merit. Who could bring the team to a win, not who is going to bring television sponsors.

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