7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For

7 Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For

So much money and energy is wasted on things we should get for free. If you’re into expensive bling just to impress your other foursome members then this list is not for you. But if you want more green in your pocket to pay for green fees, then check out these 7 things you shouldn’t be paying for.

7. Excessive Shipping Rates and Same Day Shipping
Tired of rate charts and high shipping rates? Hireko offers a flat rate $7.95 per shipment policy. This is one of the lowest shipping rates in the golf industry! Most orders are shipped the same day as the order is received so long as the order is place before 11AM PST. Same day shipping from Hireko is Free!

6. Technical Support
Need help choosing the correct shaft and grip for your game? We wrote the book on clubmaking and clubfitting! Call our free technical service at 800-942-5872 for the industry’s #1 experts in knowledgeable and free tech support.

5. Extra Charges for Custom Made Clubs
Every club Hireko builds is custom made. Whether you choose to build your clubs with entry level or premium priced shafts and grips, our custom building charge is the same.

4. Costly Online Training
Learn basic and advanced clubmaking and clubfitting techniques for free from the comfort of your home. Hireko offers free online webinars every month to help you improve your skills. Visit our golf webinar page to register.

3. Excessive Marketing Costs
When you buy expensive golf clubs part of your purchase goes to subsidizing extremely large marketing and advertising budgets instead of offering the best product at the best price. Hireko invests our money into Research and Development, customer driven services and its’ free direct to the golfer 172 page catalog. This allows us to keep prices low and offer our popular $7.95 flat rate shipping program.

2. High Prices on Branded Shafts and Grips
You don’t have to pay higher prices for branded shafts and grips when you shop with Hireko.  The Hireko Price Match Guarantee protects your pocket book and takes the worry out of shopping for the lowest price on branded shafts and grips. Whatever price you can find online for an item identical to what we carry, WE MATCH IT.

1. $400 drivers, $90 Irons
Hireko drivers sell for on average $99 each custom made and our irons $24.95 each. For the price of a competitors driver, you can buy a whole set of Hireko clubs! Hireko has over 2,000 independent customer reviews as living testimonials to our quality and playability.

Download the Hireko Golf Catalog Here!

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  1. rob pierce says:

    Jeff Summit amazes me with his availability and knowledge.

  2. Justin Blair says:

    Hands down, my Hireko clubs- the entire XK line with XB wedges- were the best (and most efficient) money I ever spent. I can happily say I’ll be a returning customer.

  3. Dear Richard,
    We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. Where are you located? If you contact me direct at 614 209-7405 I will gladly try to remedy the situation. Thank you.
    Rob Altomonte
    Hireko Golf

  4. gary b says:

    as a hobbyist clubuilder I like the quality and price for myself and my customers. Jeff and staff has answered all my questions. I sometimes have many, thanks jeff and all at Hireko

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