Breaking Down the Hireko Clubhead Line – Hybrids

Long Irons Got Your Down?

Hireko has one, if not the most extensive lines of golf hybrids available by anyone in the golf industry. At first it may seem to like an overwhelming task of selecting the right one, but after we break down each model you should be able to confidently select the best model for your game.

Without a doubt, hybrids have made the game a little less daunting and virtually every single golfer regardless of their skill level has at least one hybrid in their bag to replace hard-to-hit or seldom used longer irons to even a full set of hybrids to replace all the irons and even wedges too. So let’s first start there.

Considering a full set?
Hireko offers 5 full sets of hybrids in right hand (Acer XDS Wide Sole, Dynacraft Avatar XMOI, Power Play Select 5000, Power Play System Q and the iBella Obsession for the ladies). If you are left handed, then the Power Play Select 5000 is the only option for a full set of hybrids so you have found your match. While limited, we are one of the few companies that even provide this option. Remember, these are also available in less than full sets so you can pick and choose what you need as you are never locked into a whole set.

Power Play Select 5000 Custom Assembled $37.95 each

Power Play Select 5000 (Easy alignment and added height)
It is our perennial best-seller. These are compact and narrow and have a very low center of gravity which makes the ball easy to get airborne. The Power Play Select 5000 has a consistent appearance from the #1 all the way down to the wedges in this set. Their set up is unique. While the head shape in semi-wood like, the longer hosel and reduced face progression than typical hybrids provide almost as a greatly reduced or non-offset iron appearance making it easy to align the ball toward the target. The low center of gravity not only helps to get the ball airborne, but provide a solid feel for golfers who tend to make contact low on the clubface.

Acer XDS Wide Sole Hybrid Custom Assembled $39.95

Acer XDS Wide Sole (Accuracy and height)
This set is the complete opposite of the Select 5000 as it takes on a progressive shape designed for different levels of forgiveness throughout the set. The long, low lofted hybrids are extra large and extra forgiving. If you are comfortable with the size and appearance of a fairway wood, but struggle with the longer club lengths, then the Acer XDS Wide Soles were made specifically for you.

As you move into the mid and higher lofted clubs, the size becomes smaller and smaller as less help is needed. The weak (higher) lofts are also designed to benefit those you need some extra height on their shots. If you have a tendency to pull or even shank your irons or conventional hybrids, the face forward design will put you back on the straight and narrow. If your tendency is more of a slice or push, you might look for another option.

Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrids Custom Assembled $39.95

Dynacraft Avatar XMOI (Resist the right side)
That other option is the Dynacraft Avatar XMOI. While I categorized these as an iron in the previous installment of breaking down the Hireko lineup, they still fall in the realm of a hybrid set by taking the best of both worlds. These have an iron-like profile and appearance, but are hollow bodied to provide increased forgiveness on off-center shots. If you tend to push, face or even slice an iron, this may be the set you need. The offset, coupled with the weight distribution of the head should help you start seeing you ball go toward your intended target rather than veering off to the right.

Power Play System Q Hybrid Custom Assembled $44.95

Power Play System Q (Distance)
Unlike all our other hybrids that are designed to be the same weight and length as an iron to create predictable distance as the iron they are replacing, the Power Play System Q’s are based on the trend of the major manufacturers. These heads are lighter, meaning they are longer length than the same numbered iron. What this does is give the golfer a little added leverage and swing speed if more distance is the goal, especially for golfers who are generally fairly straight to begin with.

These are very neutral weighted, even by switching weights will not make much difference in creating a draw or fade. The screw weighting allows for versatility in swingweighting for different shaft and length options.

iBella Obsession Hybrid Custom Assembled $48.35

iBella Obsession Hybrid (For the petite lady golfer)
Diversity is what you should see from your supplier and the iBella Obsession hybrid is no better example. We are not always concerned about following trends amongst major manufacturers, but also providing products where there is a large niche. Aside for the decorative rhinestone adorning these hybrids, what make these different is the soles are extra heavy. This serves two purposes. The first is more weight lower means the ball will go higher and the shots will feel solid.

The second reason is that more weight allows one to use a shorter club and get the right amount of balance or weight. These are considered “graphite weighted”. Women will typically use graphite shafts in their hybrids and graphite shafted hybrids typically need slightly longer lengths to get the right balance and feel. But what happens if you are a petite or shorter lady? The last thing you need is a club that is too long and hard to hit the ball. The solution is the slightly heavier heads so you can enjoy the length you need and in return make solid shots instead of hitting the club behind the ball. Now that is smart thinking!

Long iron replacements
Most golfers consider hybrids to be utility clubs. That is they purchase one or two clubs that don’t necessarily match the rest of their set to fill a void in their bag. These are often treated as specialty clubs like the driver wedges and putter. These are usually engraved with the numbers #2 – 5 and bridge the distance gaps between the range of a 5-wood to a 5-iron.

Acer XK Hybrids (The “safe” choice)

Acer XK Hybrid Custom Assembled $44.95

The Acer XK Hybrid is positioned in the middle of our line. They have the right balance of forgiveness without being excessively draw-biased. They aren’t too big, too small, and too deep or too shallow making them the choice when you are really not sure what you really need yet. While it might sound like this might be our most “vanilla” offering, it does offer a lot of technology you cannot see. The variable crown thickness pulls needless weight from the crown and moves it to the sole to assist creating additional trajectory from the fairway or rough. Plus the variable face thickness provide and impressive sound and feel. RH and LH options available

Power Play Caiman Hybrids (Explosive)

Power Play Caiman Hybrid Custom Assembled $44.95

The maraging face which is harder, thinner and stronger than stainless steel provides a launching pad for the ball to fly off of. If you are looking for a distance advantage over a long iron but without resorting to making the club length longer and less likely to make solid contact, the Caiman is the choice. However, if your tendency to push, fade or slice the ball on a regular basis, then the next hybrid would be a better option. The Caiman would fall somewhere between the Acer XK and the Dynacraft Prophet in terms of flight control. RH and LH options available

Power Play Q2 (Easy alignment and no more fades)
The square or rectangular appearance frames the ball very well at address making this one of the easiest clubs to align. There is virtually no offset which positions it more toward the Power Play Select 5000 in terms of set up, but is much deeper faced so it doesn’t launch the ball too high. The center of gravity is positioned so that it is draw biased to make the ball less likely to fade, push or slice. RH and LH options available

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrids (Better ball striker’s hybrid)

Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrid Custom Assembled $44.95

This hybrid was designed specifically for the better playing in mind. That is one who needs the forgiveness of the hybrid, but the hosel configuration helps to eliminate the pulling or even hooking the ball. This has many of the same technological features such as the variable crown and face thickness to produce an awesome sound and feel at impact. RH only

Tour Gear (Economy)
For the budget minded or beginning golfer, the Tour Gear is a very viable choice as a long iron replacement. The longer face area and broader triangular shapes should instill a lot of confidence, while the shallow face and generous should propel the ball high for the budding player. RH only

Women’s Specific Hybrids
While any of the individual hybrids or sets of hybrids can be made into a ladies option by selecting an appropriate flex shaft, grip size and length, Hireko offers 3 ladies specific lines of hybrids. We had already spoken about the benefits of the graphite-weighted iBella Obsession hybrids which help provide the right length and weight for petite women and available as a full set or can be sold individually to mix and match conventional irons.

iBella Bellissima Hybrid Custom Assembled $45.85

The iBella Bellissima hybrid is designed to solve the number #1 problems women have – getting the ball in the air! The extra loft, coupled with the shallow profile and heavily weighted sole makes these the easiest of all our hybrids to get into the air.

The Acer XP 905 hybrids – as most golfers call them the “pink ones” are very similar to the iBella Obsession with one exception. These are not heavier so they are designed for normal length for average to above average height women. The head size and hosel configuration are all the same.

Lady XP905 Hybrid Custom Assembled $37.95

That’s the skinny on all of the hybrids Hireko currently sells. Hopefully you have a better understanding of where each hybrid fits into the puzzle rather than be puzzled.


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  1. John H Payne says:

    Jeff, is the above chart specific to the Hireko hybrids or generic to all clubs in the same name range?. If not are similar relative comparisons available for irons, fairway woods and drivers?

    I see that the System Q2 hybrids are seen as “Draw Enhancing”. Is this due to the negative offset? I see that the face is shown as square (as are the fairway woods and the drivers) so assume the offset to be the principal cause with other contributing design features. The negative offset is only specified for the hybrids, with irons showing positive offset and drivers/fairway woods having none shown.

    I guess my real question is whether the System Q2 Driver is seen as “Draw Enhancing” (not mentioned in description)and if so, whether this can be reduced by adjusting the standard weights?

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The chart is strictly for the Hireko hybrids as there are probably a few irons like the Q2 that aren’t as draw biased as the matching hybrid. In that case, the reason for the draw bias is a heel located CG relative to the center of the face. Plus they have less face progression than many of the models as well. The Q2 driver is draw enhanced as well, especially with the factory setting weights with the heel port with the heavier screw. By reversing the screws, then it becomes neutral biased or even replacing the lighter screw with a much heavier one can have the same effect.

  3. Dan says:

    Acer XK: I’m a 12-14 handicapper and I was playing a more aggressive hybrid for a better ball-striker and never saw the results I wanted. The XK rarely gives me a mis-hit, medium flight wed to a SK Fiber hybrid shaft that launches high. It’s hard to go wrong here and no big fade or draw, just a clean-hitting club.

    Nope, it’s not plain vanilla, it’s just superb.

  4. John H Payne says:

    Thanks Jeff. The Chart is very informative in an easy fashion. Are there similar charts for other clubs?

  5. Vincent gaglio says:

    I am looking at getting a hybrid or two I am thinking of a two and a three hYbrid OR a three and four hybrid. I am a very new golfer to the game but needing some control and distance that I cannot get with my long irons.I am 6’7″ and my current irons are an inch and 3/4 inches over standard. Needing help. Vinny

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    The other charts are works in progress.

  7. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you are beginning golfer, you would be probably wiser to get a 3 and 4 hybrid rather than the 2 / 3 combo. The #2 hybrid would be somewhat equivalent to a 5 wood as far as distance, but the larger size of a 5 wood coupled with the additional loft makes this usually easier to hit than the 2 hybrid. As far as the length, that is not an issue (although seems long for your height and may be part of the control problem). Which hybrid you choose may depend on where you are more apt to hit the ball.

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