Are You a Techphobe? Check Out the 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver

The adjustable hosel Prophet ICT Driver is quite simple to use

Do you fear technology or are simply content with things that need no further explanation?  Don’t worry you are not alone as there are a lot of technophobes amongst us.  Newer technology is being phased in all the things we see or do – including golf equipment.  Some technologies are non-visual, such as the case with nano-composites.  What the heck are those anyway? Then there are some technologies that are visible such as removable weighted screws.  Just imagine at all the golfers who paid extra for a screw-weighted driver only they never used the wrench to change the weights from the factory setting to see how the ball flight may change.

The latest form of technology in golf equipment is the emergence of interchangeable driver adapters which have the ability to change the lie

Assembled 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver $119.95 ea.

and face angle.  One prime example is Hireko’s patent pending Dynacraft Prophet ICT driver and fairway woods.  Face it, you buy a brand new driver and you don’t quite hit the ball straight, what do you do?  You end up creating a new swing to make the ball go where you want it to go, which spills into your other clubs.  Good golfers know that is the kiss of death toward lowering your score.  Or worse yet, what will happen when your swing changes slightly?  Your existing driver becomes obsolete.

Theses interchangeable adapters address these problems by utilizing your existing head and being able to make simple modifications to the club rather than to your swing. With a quick twist of a wrench, you can reposition these adapters one or two turns and having you hit the ball where you want to go.  And this is something you can do yourself very easily.

If you can remove a screw in a switch wall plate, then believe it or not, you can change the lie or face angle of our Dynacraft Prophet ICT series clubhead. You control any one of the eight different configurations that is possible with each head.

Here is how it works. If you routinely push the ball in the factory setting (Position 1), then you can change the face angle to position 8 or 6.  If you slice the ball, move the ICT adapter to position 7.  If you pull the ball, move the adapter to position 2 or 4, while moving the adapter to position 3 will help correct for a hook.  Lastly, you are hitting the ball straight, but the ball impacts the face toward the toe you can move the adapter to position 5 to hit in the center of the face.  It’s that simple!

To change the adapter position, here are a few tips.  First, I found it is best to place the butt or grip on the ground for leverage and hold onto the head with one hand.  Next, take the wrench (included with each club) and insert it into the screw head. Press down and rotate counter-clockwise to loosen the screw. Then reposition the adapter (using the white alignment dot) into the proper position.

The next step is to tighten the screw. Don’t be scared to use some force.  With the butt end of the club on the ground, press down and rotate the wrench clockwise to tighten the screw. Lastly, grab the head in one hand and the shaft in the other and give it a good twist to check you got the screw tightened.  After that you are good to go to hit balls on the range or out on the course.

Don’t settle for so-so when you get a new club that allows you to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go. For you technophobes the Dynacraft Prophet ICT adapter system is new technology not to fear as it is a simple and yet an effective investment for your golf game.  Remember this technology is available in the fairway wood too.