You Want To…Walk?

The good ‘ole days

Don’t worry people, I am not going anywhere. But I did go golfing last night after work and was surprised by that same question I got by the young lady behind the counter. As usual I handed her the money and said “Just walking 9 tonight.” Then in shock or disbelief she had asked “Are you going to… WALK? You are the first person all day that has walked.” I calmly told her that my doctor would probably encourage it and that I would be OK.

Granted it was near 90 degrees, but it was a nice day and the humidity hadn’t settled in. Plus it was 6 o’clock in the afternoon surely someone else would have had to walk on that given day. I walk whenever possible. Not because I am cheap (OK, I won’t answer that), but the real reason is it is good exercise in the great outdoors. Am I so out of touch with society that driving in a cart has become an integral part of golf?

It is no wonder why we are fighting a battle with obesity or rely on fossil fuel to get around. That’s why we are drilling offshore in the Gulf people. The feet we were born with have the answers to solve both of those problems.

Deluxe Lightweight Pull Cart $33.95 ea.

Heck, I saw on TV early this morning that lawyers were getting ready to sue McDonald’s for putting toys in their Happy Meals. Now toys are causing obesity? Just like walking off pounds and getting you heart rate up by lugging a fully loaded 25 pound golf bag on the course, it comes down to personal responsibility. Those same lawyers if they remember back to when they were a kid were happy to get a prize in their box of Cracker Jacks. Not exactly health food is it, especially in the good old day when lead paint was probably put on those same prizes. But then again, we didn’t have an obesity problem either.

Look back only 30 years ago at one of the greatest movies of all time – Caddyshack. This classic showed golfers actually walking on the course. Is that so far back in our distant future?

But if you elect to walk in the heat like I do – be prepared. Wear a Hireko hat or visor to keep the heat and direct sunlight off your head. Keep a towel handy and bring water for hydration. You may even want to wear some sunscreen as well. Besides staying fit, remember to enjoy the scenery.




  1. I have never been to Myrtle Beach. I do take a midwinter golf vacation most years, usually in South Carolina, in fact. But I won’t go to Myrtle.

    Why? My friends and I want to walk the course. At age 69, my cardiologist just said to me, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!” And a lot of what I’m “doing” is walking golf. I don’t understand young adults who ride in golf carts; does not compute! I DO understand the teenagers; they want to drive, and the only driving they can do legally is on the golf course.

    Final story about this: Vic Gerard Golf Carts has the concession for almost all riding cart sales and rentals in my corner of the world (the northern half of the Jersey shore). I played golf with Vic a few years ago, when he was 87. He walked, with a pullcart like the illustration in the article. Not only that, he complained about “all these able-bodied youngsters riding in carts”. Never mind that’s how he has enough money to be playing golf; he still thinks it’s the wrong thing.

  2. David Genter says:

    I like to walk too. Some courses appear to be designed to discourage walking, i.e. too great a distance from one green to the next tee is usually the problem besides those that are built in hill country. Courses also make more money off cart rentals. Hopefully designers and builders will appreciate the walker and lay out the design to encourage walking for those who still can.

  3. Marty Picklo says:

    How about a pull cart that is motorized a little to help up the hills. It doesn’t have to be a full powered one that is too heavy for easy transport in your car. Design it within the model shown above. Batteries in the frame work, small wheel motors and a handle throttle. Use replaceable lithium rechargeable batteries foe lighter weight.

  4. Jan Lundin says:

    I´m 67 and play my golf in Sweden. Here we walk all the time. I play about four times a week in the season. Have played a lot in the US and always asked myself why they don´t have electric trolleys for hire instead of the carts. Is it for the profit? To play golf and walk is the best health care you can get.

  5. Hans Hoffman says:

    I’m amazed at the number of courses that require carts! I’d like to open a course and outlaw them. A friend of mine grew up in New York and played Bethpage Black all the time. They didn’t allow carts so it was never crowded. Ah, the good ole’ days.

  6. Al says:

    It amazes me how many lazy golfers there are. They ride from the tee to every shot, then drive as close as possible to the green. Walking is great exercise, gives you time to clear your mind between shots, strategize your next play, and blow off some steam if you are coming off a bad shot. I believe that the pace of play would quicken if more players walked. Instead of driving to each others ball, each player would go directly to his own & be ready to play. Nothing scientific, just my belief.

  7. kyle says:

    I walk with a pull cart and cart bag. My home course I play is about 6 miles for the 18 holes. I love trees… only to walk under not play from. I hate the carts because its sit stand sit stand. Sound familiar TV fridge TV fridge. I also believe a person learns to hit only as far as they are willing to walk.
    I will repeat but it’s important advice bring Gatorade fill up on water often wear chap stick and cover head.
    Expect to be hit at by fat guys or prick kids in carts. Shoes are very important and wear fast. Here’s motivation I lost 20lbs. walking every round last year and each round costs half a round with a cart or that membership plus cart. Finally, carry only what you can walk with on the course I once tried a cooler attached to my pull cart and I had plenty to drink but twice as worn out, bad idea.

  8. Glenn says:

    May I suggest an update to your cart selection?

    How about a push-cart: a 3-wheeler?
    Do a count of walking carts at a public course. I have, and at least 90% are three-wheeled push-carts. The pull cart is old-tech (30+ years old design) and hard on your back/shoulder as well. true, the three-wheelers are more expensive, but people are buying more of them.

    Just my $0.02


  9. Guy Schalnat says:

    When I am forced to ride, I crack my brothers up when I pull the whole bag off the cart and carry it over to a pitch shot. What can I say? I walk the course whenever possible (carrying my bag even), and am used to having all 14 clubs to be creative with. Especially now that I have my XB wedges, I end up at minimum carrying the 52, 58, and 64 degree wedges, the putter, the sandblaster (in case I mess up the chip and end up in the sand), and an XK hybrid in case I want to putt with a little loft. By that time, I’m carrying half the bag, and I might as well take the whole thing, just in case a 6 iron is the best club for the job.


  10. Dee says:

    I walk alot at the golf course where I am a member. So do alot of other people. I have a 3 wheel push cart, but I also carry my bag from time to time as well. I prefer it over riding. For all of the reasons stated here already. I see alot of younger guys riding at my course all the time. People think they play faster when riding. I usually catch up to those groups all the time. I have bad knees and bad back and all that. I would still rather walk over ride. Keep moving, it’s better for you than riding.

  11. Dustin says:

    I love to walk late 9 in the evening solo. I play some of my best golf at this time. Just something so calm and peaceful about an empty course and no sound of a golf cart to disturb it. Plus i really think you get a better feel for the course after a few walks. I even carry my bag, talk about archaic 🙂

  12. @Jan Lundin — Yes, the course’s motive to sell cart golf is profit. But they would not get away with it if the American public was not enthusiastic. There is something in the national psyche that would rather drive. Walking and public transport get short shrift in the States. So does cycling. The result: a predilection for cart golf that allows the course to make its profit.

  13. jim prince says:

    I used to walk all the time, but when i pay $12.00 for 18 par 70 with a cart…. who am i to walk. LOL.

  14. Steve Gambone says:

    I will not play with cart riders as I feel rushed to make my shots. Even though there is no overt pressure.Walking the course allows time to assess your shots and is just plain relaxing. I have to laugh at the overweight riders drinking lite “beers”. If they walked they might lose a few pounds and then enjoy a real brew at end of the round.

  15. Justin says:

    Its amazing how many shocked looks you get from people when you tell them you want to walk the course.

    Will Hireko offer a lightweight ‘sunday’ bag in the future?

  16. Jeff Summitt says:


    We will offer a new Sunday bag in next year’s product line.

  17. Andrew says:

    I much prefer to walk wherever possible. Even here in the Summer when it’s over 110 degrees (40 + centigrade) and we can only really play early morning or late afternoon, we walk where we can.

    Main club I belong to won’t allow buggies in any case, so it’s the trusty 3-wheel trolley and leg power.

    I did buy an electric trolley this year but the amount of ribbing I got from my regular 4-ball meant that went on fleabay pretty chop-chop.

    One of our oldest members here is 92 and still walks the course. Only ever plays 9 holes these days but he’s out there walking.

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