Hireko Rocks

What’s Your Favorite Hireko/Dynacraft Club of All Time?

This past weekend, the radio station I most often listen to had their annual Memorial Day countdown where they take the top 500 rock songs of all time and play them in order from number 500 to number one. Compiling a top 500 list that everybody agrees can be a daunting task as there have been so many great songs by so many artists over all of these years. In fact, many of the songs I considered to be “my favorite” were in the 400’s in the countdown proving that not everyone has the same tastes.

The songs were by well established groups over the years like the Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. But then there were also song by lesser known groups or artists some of who fall under the category of one hit wonders like Humble Pie and Iron Butterfly, but at least they made a classic and made the list.

The golf industry, although not nearly as diverse, continues to put out hits year after year. It will come as no surprise that the most popular clubs will come from the well established, bigger named companies as every industry has their Beatles and Zeppelin. But there are excellent performing clubs produced by companies they may be new upstart companies with a new idea
or vision or from those companies who are on the fringe that don’t have the national recognition. You know the ones like the songs on the radio. The ones you hum along with or know part of the lyrics and the next thing you are doing is Googling it to find out who made it. Then afterwards say, “Wow, I had no idea they made that one too.”

Hireko may not be a household name and we are fine with that. But for the past 26 years Hireko has cranked out more clubs than any company that you or your customers may never have heard of. The fact is many golfers are more than content with the performance of the clubs we produce even though the most popular name brand is not engraved on the sole.

Remember, the clubhead is only one of three components. Hireko carries a vast array of shafts and grips too, many of which you find in the most popular clubs. Equally important is that all of Hireko’s clubs are made to order and not sitting on shelf waiting for someone of the right height and strength to use.

So don’t confuse popularity with how good something is. The person who continues to be surrounded by only the most popular brands will surely miss out on something new and innovative. Don’t be afraid to have Hireko rock your bag!

Let’s hear from you and name some of your all favorite time Hireko and Dynacraft clubs of all time. Please comment below!