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What’s Your Favorite Hireko/Dynacraft Club of All Time?

This past weekend, the radio station I most often listen to had their annual Memorial Day countdown where they take the top 500 rock songs of all time and play them in order from number 500 to number one. Compiling a top 500 list that everybody agrees can be a daunting task as there have been so many great songs by so many artists over all of these years. In fact, many of the songs I considered to be “my favorite” were in the 400’s in the countdown proving that not everyone has the same tastes.

The songs were by well established groups over the years like the Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. But then there were also song by lesser known groups or artists some of who fall under the category of one hit wonders like Humble Pie and Iron Butterfly, but at least they made a classic and made the list.

The golf industry, although not nearly as diverse, continues to put out hits year after year. It will come as no surprise that the most popular clubs will come from the well established, bigger named companies as every industry has their Beatles and Zeppelin. But there are excellent performing clubs produced by companies they may be new upstart companies with a new idea
or vision or from those companies who are on the fringe that don’t have the national recognition. You know the ones like the songs on the radio. The ones you hum along with or know part of the lyrics and the next thing you are doing is Googling it to find out who made it. Then afterwards say, “Wow, I had no idea they made that one too.”

Hireko may not be a household name and we are fine with that. But for the past 26 years Hireko has cranked out more clubs than any company that you or your customers may never have heard of. The fact is many golfers are more than content with the performance of the clubs we produce even though the most popular name brand is not engraved on the sole.

Remember, the clubhead is only one of three components. Hireko carries a vast array of shafts and grips too, many of which you find in the most popular clubs. Equally important is that all of Hireko’s clubs are made to order and not sitting on shelf waiting for someone of the right height and strength to use.

So don’t confuse popularity with how good something is. The person who continues to be surrounded by only the most popular brands will surely miss out on something new and innovative. Don’t be afraid to have Hireko rock your bag!

Let’s hear from you and name some of your all favorite time Hireko and Dynacraft clubs of all time. Please comment below!


  1. chris says:

    Jeff since you have probably played more Dynacraft/Hireko clubs than the rest of us, which ones are your favorites?

    Here are my favorites:
    Dynacraft F-1’s- great design and great feel. simple, classy graphics. other companies still sell this type of design for top dollar.
    Dynacraft Prophet Tours- Great looking and great playing head.
    Dynacraft Prophet CNC- Great feel and playablity. Wish they came in the black finish.(the prophet tours spoiled me)

    Dynacraft BFC- the blue ones- hot fairway wood. great sole design and super hot face.
    Caiman Raw Power 3 wood- Great head, really improved my game

    Jack-a-roos and the Jack-a-roo II’s- the best of the early hybrids
    Carbon top Prophet Hybrids- Perfect shape and design. Hot face.

    Those are the ones that come to mind.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    That list may longer than the top 500 classic rock tunes of all time. Seriously, one of my fellow teckies who worked with me for many years used to joke and ask me before a round what new I put in as I rarely had the same rotation in the bag two days in a row. So anything with staying power that kept finding it’s way in the bag would have to be considered.

    Summit (late 80’s and early 90s) as they were name after me with Unifiber P3 Frequency Matched shafts – these are one of a kind with a special finished applied that never, ever was used by any other company.

    PC3 3* upright with UST Proforce 75 Gold shaft – still have them against the wall in my office in case I ever get the itch to bench my current iron sets after a bad round.

    Fairways woods:
    Copperhead (mid 90’s) as no other clubs were used for 5 years or more. 3-wood had a Harrison Boron Tour and the 5-wood a Paragon Parasonic. In the frequency anaylzer one did figure eights one way and the other did figure eights the other way. Hit ’em both straight until the year I decided to realign the shafts. Never could hit them after that.

    Team Dynacraft with Aldila Tour Gold shafts replaced the Copperheads for a while. Those things were hot!

    Dynacraft Tour Model – Original style metal wood from early 80’s with caved in face with Aldila Low Torque (or forerunner) and Jumbo Green Victory grip pulled from the junk bin at Pal Joey the very first day I went to work in the golf biz. It was the 1st club I owned or hit so it had sentimental value. Even with the caved in face, I hit that club surprisingly straight. Might have been the jumbo grip that I liked the most or the lightweight graphite which was a novelty of the time.

    Greyshadow (late 80’s early 90’s) was a composite head and large for that day in age with an experimental shaft. Too bad composites are used as much today because of the high cost and breakage potential.

    I have to draw the line here as “classics” have to be around longer than the past few years and hybrids have barely celebrated their 10th birthday. But the Dynacraft HC Carbon with Advanced Composite Design LW shafts would be the closest thing to a classic.

    Even though some of those are my favorites, I don’t think I will trade in any for the current rotation of current Hireko products, especially putters!

  3. another Chris says:

    Irons –
    The PC3, followed closely behind by the PC3, with the PC3 nipping at it’s heels. The current maraging steel irons are there too, but they don’t have teh longevity yet to match those PC3’s, and they haven’t stolenm hy heart like the XK driver has, they’re just really really good.

    Fairways –
    You guys have shined here, but for it’s day the Blue Steel was a favorite

    Drivers –
    The New XK series of drivers are the finest drivers I’ve ever hit. Period. Easily better the OEM offerings now, Has all the benefits of the geometric driver craze and a shape that’s unconventional without looking all that unconventional. A masterpiece.

  4. dave says:

    I’ve only been playing 3 years but am a full fledged addict. Just shot my best round ever, a 74 , with my prophet tours! I love them! You should do a limited edition satin or Chrome finish of them for those turned off by the wear issue cuz they play great. Ps I started year as a 12 hcap now I’m at 9.4 and falling. Confidence in my club certainly helps!

  5. OK, I’ll put in my two cents. Two cents? Well, one from each side of the corporate DNA:

    Hireko [Acer?] M160J. In the very early 1990s, this head had most of the features that made the Big Bertha the most effective new technology in golf. It had the metal shell structure, the keel sole, the larger size, the reduced hosel — all without bowing to the clone philosophy. And, to make it easier for custom builders, it had a deep bore without being a through bore. I made quite a few drivers with this design (and some fairway woods as well). The head was a great performer for its time.

    Dynacraft Hypersteel Hybrids. I know Jeff doesn’t think hybrids have been around long enough for the “classic” designation, but they go back close to 15 years if you count the Taylor Made Rescue — and you have to count it. IMHO, the Hypersteel — which was pretty early in that revolution — was a fabulous design. They were a staple in my bag (replacing all my fairway woods after a while), until they were replaced a year and a half ago by the Prophet hybrids.

  6. WarrenT says:


  7. David Luft says:

    Still in my bag:
    PC3 irons
    JackarooII woods (5,7 and sometimes a 9)
    DFS II driver and 3 wood

    I posted a similar thread on the forum: “the old vs the new”

    Greetings from the windmill country,

  8. John H Payne says:

    I am not entirely sure how to interpret the comment “Even though some of those are my favorites, I don’t think I will trade in any for the current rotation of current Hireko products, especially putters!” That could be read either way.

    I really like the Power Play System Q2 Titanium Driver head. I have made a few with different shafts and love them all for different reasons. IT IS SO EASY TO LINE UP SQUARE, I just wish you made a 4W version. I carry 4 wedges and thus only a driver and 4w. I currently use an Acer XK 4W but for me it does not line up as automatically as the Q2 driver.

  9. Marty says:

    I have a couple of Dynacraft Hypersteel hybrids, shafted with the matching shafts (by Rapport, I think). These are my two very favorite clubs – easy to hit, and man, what a sound! I hit the 16º darn near as far as my Callaway driver sometimes. The 22º is perfect for long par 3s – goes high and lands soft. I’ve tried others, but these two keep coming back into my bag. I’d love to find a 18 degree head somewhere.

  10. Jeff Mosher says:

    The Dynacraft BFC fairway woods (blue ones) are still the easiest to hit and best fairway woods. Would love to get my hands on a 3-wood head.

  11. Ron says:

    Jeff, I also agree with you that the PC3 Irons at 3* upright was Dynacrafts’ best. I still use my set frquently. I also continue to use the Dynacraft JJ Grind Sand Wedge. I got a number of them when they were being discontinued-I love em. The lower bounce makes them great for pitching and chipping.

  12. Jeff Summitt says:


    To rephrase so you can see where I was headed, even though we made some great clubs in the past, I think our current models and technology is much better. Even in the older lines, I struggled with the putter the most (because the older putter heads were just simply too light). There are several current putters in our Acer CB series that would be considered my favs.

  13. Jeff says:

    The PC3 irons are in my bag and have been for years. They are exceptional. I even have a spare set of heads just in case. I’ve also got Jackaroo II 23 and 28 degree woods in the bag most of the time.

  14. Glenn says:

    I have to agree with the PC3 3* upright for irons.

  15. Rich S says:

    I agree with Chris the dynacraft F-1 iron from 4 or 5 years ago is the best iron I am still playing mine with the SL TT x-100 shafts and they are as good today as the day I built them. I wish they were still available today!

  16. Jon says:

    I love the jackaroo but dont forget the Dynacraft Oversize irons! They were awsome with the Dynamic gold s300.

  17. Jason B says:

    As far as older clubs, I still play the black shadow irons w/ graphite ACD shafts and Karakal grips. I also still play w/ Jackaroo II 23 and 28, but enjoyed the original Jackaroos as well. I am in love w/ my Prophet driver and 3 wood and love the orbital mallet putter. I did play the LCG II set for a long time (my second set ever) and had great success w/ them.

  18. Kevin C says:

    I think the Prophet CNC and Prophet Tour are awesome. The new stuff is definitely the best I’ve seen. I really liked the PC3 irons a lot though and would love to see an “update” of them. I have some friends that still have the Copperheads, Jackaroos and other great stuff I built for them as they just don’t change clubs as often as I do!

  19. Mike G says:

    I have the PC3 irons 3 deg upright. I am looking for the specs on it concerning the actual lie. Does anyone have this info or the info for the lie on the std PC3 irons? Thanks for your help.

  20. Jeff Summitt says:

    Mike G:

    The lies on the PC3 standard as as follows:
    1-iron 57
    2-iron 58
    3-iron 59
    4-iron 60
    5-iron 61
    6-iron 62
    7-iron 63
    8-iron 63
    9-iron 64
    PW 64
    GW 64
    SW 64
    LW 64

  21. Dee says:

    Synchron II fairway woods. I have yet to find an OEM fairway wood thats easier to hit than these. Take a smooth swing, let the ball get in the way of the club, and off it goes. So sweet. I have the 3,5,7,9 woods. They’re great!

  22. Mike Shapiro says:

    Carry the Hypersteel 25, 22, 19 with Hypersteel shafts in the bag right now. Have the 16, 13 and 11 driver but aren’t using them currently. Never know. Phenomenal clubs. Looking for close replacement shaft in regular for the 16 and it goes back in the bag.

  23. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Hypersteel is a tough shaft to match exactly today. One R-flex shaft that is similar in weight, frequency and torque looks like the Apollo Balistik graphite.

  24. Neil Cameron says:

    How about a set of PC 20s which might resemble the PING I20s?’

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