Acer XB Wedges with 2010 Conforming Grooves Now In Stock!

Best Selling Wedges Now In Stock

If you are a player at the highest level and compete when the Condition of Competition is enforced, then you need irons (25º or more) and wedges with the new conforming grooves.  Well, look no further as the new Acer XB wedges are equipped with semi-U grooves (not V-grooves) that meet the stricter 2010 groove regulations.

For the remaining 99% of golfers who don’t compete at the highest level of competition, you will equally like this classic blade style wedge series.  Let’s start out with the custom ground heel relief D-grind sole which allows for the face to be opened when needed and is good from any lie to produce creative face angle positions for shots like “bump and run” and “the flop” around the green.

But what makes these wedges so special is their versatility. There are as many as 8 different lofts to choose from (depending on the finish) providing a total short-game management system.  Many golfers are content with the standard 52, 56 and 60 degree set up, which has been popular for the past several years.

However, take a look in your bag. With so many pitching wedges being manufactured with 46º of loft, it makes more sense to carry 50, 54 and 58 degree lofts instead.  This way you have the nice separation in distance without gaps from their game-improvement irons and still cover the majority of shots you will encounter on the course.

We also have the harder, if not impossible to find higher lofted wedges like the 64 and the 68 degree for the high little delicate shots when you need to have the ball land softly.

One of you biggest choices will be which one of the 4 finishes to choose from. The Acer XB Wedges are available in a maintenance-free satin, brilliant high polish, majestic pearl chrome and an elegant non-glare matte black.

As you can see the Acer XB wedges are versatile.  From the conforming grooves, the D-grind sole, to the various finish and loft options no other wedge line is so comprehensive.



  1. P TAYLOR says:


  2. Patrick Taylor says:

    Golf pro interested in stocking

  3. johnkisia says:

    pls advice me on which clubs meet the new rule of groves and conform e.g Titliest wedges 52 56 60

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    I can only advice on our products. All lofts in the Acer XB series do conform. Any other clubs by different manufacturers, you would need to contact that manufacturer or the USGA.

  5. Brad Johnson says:

    These wedges are unbelievably good. I replaced all of my Vokeys with these and I’ve never felt more confident. Question: I’m sure they do, but do the new Prophet CNC Forged irons meet the new USGA groove standards as well? I hope so as I’m already playing these and plan on using them in USGA and state qualifying this year.

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    They are designed with the new grooves as our groove scanning equipment has found them to conform. We have yet to send them into the USGA for an official ruling though.

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