Why Golf Is A Great Sport

Every once in a while you need a reality check to see what things in life are really important.  You see, many of us take for granted taking a leisurely walk around a golf course.  But imagine for a second if that was taken away from you?  Well for some people, they don’t let that be a deterrent to playing golf as witnessed by Hireko customer Bob Jordan from Virginia.Thirteen years ago Bob suddenly became paralyzed and lost use of his legs by an affliction called transverse myelitis, which is a neurological disorder caused by an inflammation of the spinal cord. Once an avid low handicapped golfer, Bob was determined to play once again. Now an active golfer with theuse of a special cart you can see him swinging with one arm and scoring better than most.

To see the story and understand why golf is such a great game for all, click on the video the following link provided by Loudoun Times:


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