It’s Great To Be A “Lefty”

Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday

For many the Master’s is the official start of the golfing season.  After all, it is the first major of the year and for those in the northern climes, we are just getting the rust knocked off our swing just as the buds blossoming on the trees and the grass is starting to grow after being dormant for what feels like an eternity.

After neglecting lawn cutting duties this weekend to watch this year’s Masters, I think CBS finally got it.  There are more golfers other than Tiger because we saw a lot of other fresh faces, although personally I would have liked to have seen Anthony Kim and Nick Watney runs more than just highlights.  Simply there is no other tournament as exciting because there are eagle or scoring opportunities galore and the antithesis of any US Open event.

However I didn’t understand all the hoopla. If this broadcast was in 3D, it looked the same on my 17 year old Magnavox.  Maybe I needed special glasses, new TV, cable provider or better yet, standing in the crowd to see the real beauty and undulating terrain that you can only really experience by being there in person.

With the Master’s fresh in our mind there is a term that many have heard and that is “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday”.  Each and every week manufacturers vie to have their products placed in the world’s best players hands all in hopes of being in the winner circle.  Winning could mean spring boarding a company into prominence for many years to come and the reason products have become so much colorful so you can spot them by their appearance.

Your favorite golfers use the same products and brands Hireko sell like Project


Rifle Project X Shafts $256.55 each

X shafts and Golf Pride White Multi-Decade grips.  Services too if you saw Lee Westwood’s shirt as UPS had better placement than his club sponsor.  The player’s acting as walking billboards can have so much more meaning as well. A special kudos goes out to the pink ribbon on the left side of the winner’s hat in support of breast cancer awareness for not only his wife, but his mom as well.  I am sure there are many others like me who have had a family member stricken by this disease and the reason I was glad he had won.

But what he had in his bag were left handed clubs, even though he is a “Righty”.  That’s true as I am not making that up!  Just think about how many left-handed people learn to play golf right handed because of the additional amount of equipment available to them.

At Hireko, we offer probably the best selection of left handed products of any company – period.  This means you don’t have to make this game even harder than it already is by selecting equipment and swing the opposite of what comes natural.


Dynacraft Prophet Tour Blades $35.95 custom assembled

Just in irons for the better golfer, lefties can choose between the Dynacraft Prophet Tour and the Acer XK Pro. Average golfer’s can choose between the Acer XK, Power Play Caiman and Q2 irons. Lastly, high handicappers might look at the Acer XDS Cabriolet or the Acer XK High Trajectory models. This adds to the number of drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges, putters and even a chipper too that are offered in left hand.  At no other time is it good to be a lefty.


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  1. Gary says:

    Jeff: It’s time to go buy a flat screen HD television. They really aren’t that expensive! You can literally see the grass growing (or facial hair). You don’t have to get a 52″ screen as they sell them in 28″ also. And yes you can see more undulations in the course on the new TV as opposed to the older sets.

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