Happy Earth Day From Hireko Golf

In celebration of Earth Day, we have some suggestions for you that can help make a difference.

Join Me for a Walk Today

If you are headed out to the course today like me, forego the fossil fuel burning golf cart and walk. I do this regardless, but if this is not an option at your home course, go elsewhere for the day and get a change of scenery.  After all, that is why golf is held in the great outdoors to enjoy the environment.

Hireko Pull Cart $33.95 each

However, the biggest reason to walk is your health.  Even if you don’t want to carry your clubs, you can tote you clubs on a pull cart you can own or even rent. The exercise can help burn some calories, get your heart beating, reduce tension and get some good ole vitamin D from the sun.

Re-grip the Eco Friendly Way

Believe it or not there is a safer way to grip or re-grip

Water Activated Pip Strips $ .40 each

your clubs. If you are concerned about dangerous chemical that you, small children or animals could come into contact with, we offer individual strips of water re-activated tape.  This tape is designed to work with a couple tablespoons of dishwashing liquid mixed in a quart of ordinary tap water.  However, we found if you use Windex® (with ammonia works best) or any type of glass cleaner straight out of the container and onto the tape, this works great!  Clean up is easy, it is safe and evaporates quicker than the soapy water solution.  Plus you can strain the Windex and recycle it by pouring right back in the container.

Make sure a paint tray or similar catch basin is located underneath the butt end to collect the excess run-off.  To lubricate the tape, you have two options.  The first is to mix two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in one quart of tap water.  For faster drying, you can also us clear glass cleaner with ammonia straight from the bottle.

Cover the grip vent hole and pour either the water or glass cleaner into the grip.  Cover the mouth of the grip and shake well to wet the interior of the grip.  Pour the solution from the grip onto the tape.  Pour more solution onto the tape to lubricate the entire strip of tape thoroughly.  Immediately slide the mouth of the grip over the shaft butt and push the grip all the way onto the shaft.

Wipe away any tape residue from the shaft and perform any final grip alignment at this time.  Just set the club aside to dry.  Allow 24 hours for the grip to completely dry if you use the water solution.  When using glass cleaner, the grip will dry in approximately 8 hours.

Use Custom Fitted Clubs from Hireko Golf

Whether you build your own clubs, have us build them or seek out a professional club fitter in your area, you know what the virtues of custom made clubs can do.  Aside from not taking those beaver-sized divots from playing clubs that are too long, you have club that you can actually hit straighter.  This means less of those white (and say it ain’t so yellow) golf balls don’t end up lost and taking the next 400 years to decompose.


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