Arriving May 6th, The New Dynacraft Prophet ICT 2010 Line

New Driver “A real game changer”

As I write this, the foundry is applying the last coat of paint fill on the new 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT club heads and putting them in the protective bubble bag to send them on their long journey to our warehouse. So get pumped up like I am as these exciting new models will be here the first week of May. You will have one more reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

In November of 2008, Hireko was the first company to market an adjustable driver with the capability of not only changing out shafts, but changing the lie and face angles as well. The patent pending Dynacraft Prophet ICT (Interchangeable Clubfitting Technology) instantly became 8 drivers in one. Finally, there was one head that could fit someone who hooks, another that slices and all those in-between and all with a simple twist of a wrench.

2010 Prophet Driver
In May, we are unveiling our second generation. The 2010 version is a new and improved version using the same technology but has a classic tour preferred appearance. The beauty is the adapter is the same as last year so you can remove your old shaft and adapter and install it on the new head if you want a change.

Once you have decided which of the 3 lofts you need for your optimum trajectory, you order the shaft of your choice or several if you wish as extra adapters are available. If your ball flight needs tweaked to correct for a push or a pull, you can loosen the screw, reinsert the adapter into another position. This controls the direction you hit the ball and even the impact position on the face due to the lie angle. It really does! The white alignment dot on the adapter indicates which position the club is in.

An instruction sheet is also provided to help you select the right position if you don’t want to just experiment by hitting balls out on the range and observing ball flight in all the multiple hosel positions. After you insert the adapter in another position, you simply tighten the screw and you are good to go. If your swing every changes, or you play a course that requires a different ball flight, you can make the necessary changes to the club and not your swing.

For club fitters it is the perfect club to optimize the driver with the best shaft, whether it be weight, flex or whatever in conjunction with the face and lie angles. This gives you a true sense of what each component or parameter does to ball flight. The other benefit is reduced inventory and the customer can walk away with that perfect club instead of waiting a couple days for you to order the components and assemble it, knowing full well those components might not be the exact same as what you fitted the customer with.

Hip New Dynacraft Prophet ICT Fairway
What I am really excited about is the matching fairway series. You see for years we have taken for granted that the lie angle on irons and wedges can be readily adjusted to fit our stance and allow for greater accuracy. However, that has not been the same case with fairway woods. The hosel has been considered as extra weight and as a result the modern fairway wood has progressed to form a short, stubby hosel that is generally too short to bend.

But with the same ICT 8-position adapter we use in the driver, we can now change lie angles from 2º upright to 2º flat and face angles from 2º open to 2º closed, allowing you to optimize your fairway woods to suit your swing tendencies. Just like the driver, in less than a minute you can completely transform your club to suit your preference.

If you hook or slice or just can’t stand the toe looking like it is way off the ground, there is a position for you. This is great for course management especially if you travel to different courses. For example, if you need a #3 fairway wood that can provide a draw on a certain hole and a #5 fairway wood that can create a cut for another, no problem.

No Hook Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrid
We have added a Dynacraft Prophet ICT hybrid. Contrary to it’s namesake it will not utilize the ICT adapter. But it will have a player’s inspired size and shape plus the perfect companion to both the Dynacraft Prophet Tour and CNC Forged irons.

We designed these as our “better player’s” hybrid as that was one hole we had on our product line. You see, the majority of hybrids on the market cater to the average or below average golfer and will at least a semi-offset hosel to prevent the player from hitting the ball with a push, fade or slice. Not all golfers have that tendency and the reason why we made this hybrid with full face progression. Picture a fairway wood with the leading edge forward of the shaft and that is what full face progression is.

What this does is produce a neutral bias or a situation which helps to eliminate the dreaded hook. Now better golfers can confidently go hole hunting with the Prophet ICT hybrid. These and I forgot to mention the fairways too, have our exclusive Variable Crown Technology to reduce the needless weight in the crown area. Plus they have the Variable Face Technology provides that more active face and this incredible sound and feel at impact.

Worth the Wait
If you are in the market for some new sticks with real technology, the 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT line up may just be your ticket to improving your game. We realize that no one club can please every golfer and the reason Hireko offers such a variety. But the versatility of the ICT system is a game changer that May possibly worth the wait.

2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver

2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Fairway Wood

2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Hybrid


  1. Stuart Weiss says:


    Love all your products and hoping to do some serious buying soon!

    Have never fancied “adjustable” clubs. Too much to “tinker” with and just another mechanical problem for the clubs. Never fancied super-adjustable ski-boots either.

    Never a big fan of bells and whistles-a meat and potato guy. A stinker that doesn’t like to tinker. Stuart

  2. Jeff Mosher says:

    Just a suggestion. Replace the hex drive screw with a torx drive and you won’t have the problem of the recess stripping out, or the clubhead coming loose. It won’t cost you anymore either.

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