What Did WorldGolf.com Say About The New Acer CB7 & CB8 Putters?

“Hireko Golf’s Acer Cb7 and Cb8 putters are wicked both in style and performance”

The following review was posted on WorldGolf.com by Senior Writer Kiel Christianson.

Custom Assembled Acer CB7 Putter $44.95 ea.

Golf has traditionally been a rather genteel game. Although gentlemanly competition is undeniably good for the soul, there is only so much argyle and velvet-wrapped grips that a man can take before something gives.

One minute you’re teeing off from the tips with a cigar clenched in your teeth, and the next thing you know, you’re picking out an aromatherapy candle.

My point is that every now and then, a man’s got to feel like a guy. And now more than ever, golf itself needs to appeal to a wider demographic, including guys who wouldn’t be caught dead within a mile of plus-fours or white wingtips.

Hireko Golf has recently introduced some putters that have not only broken a few molds – they look like they could be used to break a few skulls. The Acer Cb7 and Cb8 seem to be fashioned from patterns found in tattoos or on the gas tanks of custom choppers.

In short, they’re wicked both in style and performance.

How Hireko Golf’s Acer Cb7 and Cb8 putters play

The Acer Cb7 ($45, assembled) is a center-shafted, face-balanced mallet

Custom Assembled Acer CB8 Putter $44.95 ea.

with a straight shaft. Extreme heel-toe balance is achieved via four-inch prongs extending back from the face.

These prongs curl inward as they taper, resembling raptor talons. There’s a ball-width alignment aid directly behind the face, and a small, milled graphite insert in the face to get the ball rolling and provide feedback.

The Acer Cb8 ($45, assembled) is even more radical in appearance, with thicker prongs that look like lock-blade knives. There is also a ball-sized, glittering disk attached to the back of the alignment aid bar.

The Cb 8 does not have a face insert, but it is more heel-shafted, with a small double-bend shaft.

Both of these flat sticks are heavy, and the heft is intended to help keep your wrists and hands out of the stroke. They’re incredibly easy to keep on-plane throughout the stroke and provide excellent feel and sound. The matte-finished clubheads reduce reflective glare, and the white-trimmed alignment aids really stand out to the eye, making alignment very simple.

The designs of these putters might not be for everyone, but if you want to make a statement – or need to beat a rabid raccoon to death during your round – there are not many other putters on the market that will do the job quite as well or at such a reasonable price.

And in these tough economic times, golf could use a few more players, including guys with tattoo sleeves and custom bikes.

Just remember to follow this simple advice: Give these guys every putt inside three feet.

Acer CB7 Putter Assembled Price (comes with Free! Headcover!) $44.95

Acer CB8 Putter Component Clubhead Price $44.95


  1. Joe Christie says:

    Can I get the CB 7 at 39 3/4 inches with round grip? I need the belly putter style.

  2. Peter Langan says:

    I’m interested in the loft of these putters. Having just studied two books on putting, Dave Stockton’s is a gem, they both talk about a loft around 5 degrees to handle a forward press prior to the takeaway.

    I also enjoyed Stan Utleys’s book as well, but Stockton’s reads as easily as a good novel.


    Peter Langan

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    We could make the CB7 up at that length upon special order using the Apollo Belly putter shaft. If you want a one-piece round grip it would be the Winn RW-91.

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    The loft of the CB7 and 8 are both 3 degrees.

  5. kevin miller says:

    iam interested in cb7 putter how do i order also interested in acer mantara g r h golf driver 10.5 loft fitted with retco graphite regular shaft model s please advise if available and how to order k j

  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    You can order on-line on the product page:

    You can also order by calling the sales line at 800-367-8912. I have never heard of a “recto” graphite shaft, but we have probably 75 different regular flex graphite shafts to choose from.

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