Hireko is Now Stocking Taper Tip Steel Iron Shafts

We are now stocking two of the most popular taper tip iron shafts of all time from True Temper – Dynamic Gold and TT Lite. This will allow you to consolidate your purchasing, save money on shipping and put more profit in your clubmaking business. To let you know, if you are not already familiar with taper tip shafts, these are not designed to fit into any of our club heads. Rather they are used for replacement shafts in a number of name brand club’s irons which require .355″ shafts such as Ping, Titleist, Mizuno and many more. Below is a chart of the recommended raw length shaft for each club.

*Note that the recommended raw lengths for the Dynamic Gold and TT Lite are not the same. Unlike a standard 0.370” parallel tip iron shaft where you tip trim for the club, taper tip shafts will not allow that procedure and still be able to get the shaft to seat fully into the hosel. Therefore you have to order a specific raw length for each clubhead and then you will butt trim to your final length.

True Temper Dynamic Gold Tapered $13.25 each

True Temper TT Lite Tapered $7.90 each


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  1. steve sparks says:

    please send me your current catalog.thanks in advance

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