How to Make More Money During the Slow Season

Make Your Slow Season Profitable

While the golf season for many has been hampered by colder-than-normal temperatures and unusually large amounts of snow across the nation, some clubmaking shops might be feeling the pinch.  But here are some tips to help you increase your profits during an otherwise slow period of the year.

    1. Now is the time to dig through your inventory of products you may have stashed away like heads, shafts and grips that are no longer “current” models.  These are items that can be perhaps discounted when you have a customer looking for a bargain.  Offer buy 7 irons, get one iron free or throw in a hybrid or wedge with the purchase of a set of irons.  Getting something for free is often considered a higher perceived value than just discounting the price even if the difference is the same.  You have made a happy customer and you were able to get rid of some old inventory which is a win-win proposition.
    2. Hireko Gift certificates have excellent sell through during the slow season

      You are probably getting some tire kickers walking into your shop looking to see what is new.  After all, what is there else to do?  Sell gift certificates.  Yes, that’s right! These don’t have to be just for Christmas.  Maybe your customer isn’t ready to purchase a set right now but will once the weather breaks and he or she can play.  By selling a gift certificate, they will be coming back to your shop instead of spending that money somewhere else.  Also, talk up the new stuff that you will get in or maybe just got in and make that customer excited about spending their gift certificate in your shop when the time comes.  The proceeds from the gift certificate make help pay the rent or one of those utility bills.

    3. Hireko Chipping Mats $44.95

      Do you have a net in your shop that is rarely getting used?  Sell time hitting balls into your net.  Just because there is 15 inches of snow on the ground doesn’t mean that customers still don’t have the desired to get in shape and knock off the rust.  After all, if there is that much snow on the ground, chances are driving ranges in your area will not be open.  Who knows, while they are in your shop, they may want to buy something new or get their clubs re-gripped.

    4. Co-op with another business or maybe a local pro.  Advertise that if someone buys a set of clubs, woods, irons, or over a certain dollar amount that player might receive a free dinner, movie or certain discount at another business that is in the same boat you are.  They can reciprocate by driving business your way.  Even offering a lesson with one of the local pro is a way make that set of clubs you just sold play better with proper instruction.


  1. Contact some of your old or repeat customers and offer a free bag check or tune-up before the season starts.  This might entail looking at the grips and recommending new ones or giving them a good cleaning.  Check out the shafts to see if the steel shafts are rusty or kinked or if the ferrule has ridden up on a club and offer to fix them.  Check the loft and lies on forged clubs and re-bend them if you see something out of whack.  Be creative in what services or checks you want to offer, yet honest with your customers! This is also the reason why you want to maintain an e-mail list as the cost to contact your customers is generally your own time.  It sure beats paying for post cards and postage or taking the time to call each one of those customers on the phone.

Hopefully some of these tips can help create some additional sales and generate interest when the season kicks into full gear.

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