Hireko’s Tournament Ready Logo Explained

At Hireko we make every attempt to make all our models conform to the Rules of Golf. Each of the products that appear with the Tournament Ready logo has been submitted to the USGA to receive a ruling that they do conform to the Rules of Golf.

For the first time, not all the Rules of Golf will apply to all levels of golfers. This is due to stricter rules that will be in place starting Jan. 1, 2010 regarding the grooves of any club that is 25º of loft or more. Therefore we will have two icons to determine the difference of which clubs will be acceptable to play in the various situations.

After Jan 1, 2010, the Condition of Competition requiring clubs to conform will be changed only to those competitions involving expert professional players at the highest level of competition, including the professional tours plus the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open, and the U.S. Senior Open starting with the sectional qualifying.  Clubs with the icon Tournament Ready 2010 will be fine to use for these competitions.

Currently conforming clubs manufactured prior to January 1, 2010 may continue to be used in all situations wherein the Condition of Competition is not in effect until at least 2024. For the remaining 99% of golfers who don’t compete at the highest level of competition, those clubs that currently conform may continue to be used to maintain a handicap or post a score.  Clubs with the icon Tournament Ready will be fine for these competitions.


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One comment

  1. Thomas Key says:

    Thanks for doing this –
    I appreciate the distinction –
    Although I have nothing against trick balls or 600cc drivers etc; there should not be two sets of rules to me personally just on that principle alone – theres always going to be new equiptment and different conditions and a reason people watch is because the pros are under the same rules otherwise you are watching a game that you never actually play, it maybe better to just let the game evolve;
    Also it only affects some anyways and after all they are not playing the course as much as each other anyways; whats the use of watching someone that could make millions and/or have that glory by playing a game with a stick and a ball if its something you dont think you could possibly hope to achieve yourself one day and not have someone tell you that you cheated, just give me a wedge with no grooves – it may be good to have different rules for different tournaments – like a no groove tournament or one with all wooden shafts and gutta balls and even some with anything goes equiptment or a tournament where thers no practice for a week before or in a rain forest
    or nighttime or barefoot or with just one club or whatever else I mean mechanics dont compete with the worst tools they can use maybe lower par – anyways we all can choose what we want – my guess is that if one is taking time to assemble thier own clubs they probably want to have them usga legal so thanks again and most of these comments are towards the usga and for general thought on what I think would be good options to make the game we play more interesting and would be fun to watch and that this just seems like a non creative not too thought out way to make it a little different like making a pitching mound lower – its not a bad idea but the dual rules is a bad idea because people who aren’t playing in the pros or amatuer tournaments can do what they want anyways and the usga might as well just regulate what they actually have any authority to do and the people that want to play by the rules the pros play by will do so so they might as well make it for all its a good principle and the only fair one I think; and if its something that wouldn’t make a difference for the average joe than it wont really make one having it either I mean if you feel comfortable using mulligans than there’s no use of even caring what club you use anyways but if you are like me and want the real score you made you also dont want to disqualify yourself with illegal clubs or practice with something easier. So thanks now I can know what I am buying as always keep up the good work and bring back the jackaroo (just kidding but maybe a .370 hosel driver)

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