Download New Summer Closeout Flyer!

You won’t believe the savings.

We just lowered prices again on closeout items to make room for the new 2010 product line like the Acer XDS, Prophet ICT and many more.

Up to 72% off on many items!

Download Hireko Golf Summer Closeout Flyer here.

The flyer is 5 meg but you will be downloading from Google Docs and it’s very quick!


  1. alan jones says:

    My local supplier of Heriko product in Melbourne Australia, Geoff Hauser, has retired and disappeared into the reitirement community. Can you provide me with a listing of other club assemblers for your product in the Melbourne area.

  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    We do not ship directly to Australia. Please contact our distributor and maybe they can help you find a local supplier. Here is the contact information:

    Executive Golf Pty, Ltd.
    Unit 1/473
    Williamstown Road
    Port Melbourne, Vi 3207
    tel: 011 61 39681 7979

  3. rob pierce says:

    I am mostly a “tinkerer”, but Jeff Summitt has consistently answered my questions. It is rare to find such good customer service as I have found from Jeff. Thanks!

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