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  1. Robert says:

    Extermly informative. However in order for a golfer to be able to fit himself to a proper shaft he must first know what type of swing he has or the golf maker’s customers he has to fit. That is the tough part. Some customers swings are not the same each time they come in. Most amatures are the hardest to fit, because their lack of knowledge of the dynamics of a golf swing. Most golfers unload too early and slice. Most also do not keep the right elbows close to their bodies on the backswing and keep it there comming down. I worked at Golfers Warehouse in Cranston RI for 15 years as their club repair and sales person. I thought then as I do now that golf shaft selection and or club selection in general should always be determined by the ability the golfer has. That is the toughest measurement to make of all. The deviations are so extremely luck plays as big a part as expertise!

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