Introducing the New UST Line for 2010

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8 UST Tour PC Grips (#RU01)
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What’s New for UST?

Chances are you are already familiar with UST (United Sports Technology) or at least those distinctly bright yellow shafts you might have seen for more than a decade now.  In the past year UST merged with Mamiya OP Sports who made some very cutting edge shafts for the techno-savvy Japanese market, to now form UST Mamiya.

UST-Mamiya offers one of the most extensive product lines in the industry.  To help you sift through all the shafts, we divided them into different families so you can see the key differences within each line.  Let’s take a quick look at each one them.

AXIVCore Series
This line integrates their AXIVCore technology which is a proprietary 4-axis weave technology that improves distance and accuracy.  How?  This is the stuff I get excited about because most graphite shafts use 3 directional layers of graphite.  One is longitudinal or runs the length of the shaft for the stiffness.  Two layers go at opposite 45 degree angles to control and balance the shaft’s resistance to torque.  But the AXIVCore adds a 4th layer that is laid 90º to the longitudinal layers to control the compression of the shaft and improve hoop strength.  This is what helps to provide pin point accuracy.

The AXIVCore technology is available in different models that Hireko stocks.

Tour Green
This is the brand new series UST-Mamiya now offers for the player seeking a lower initial launch and with low spin.  In addition, the balance point of this model has been shifted toward the tip for added stability and for increased head feel.  These are offered in the popular 60 and 70 gram ranges and these are quite possibly designed more for the stronger-than-average golfers.
$139.99 each.

Tour Black

This series is for the player seeking a high initial launch but with reduced spin.  You see most high launching shafts also produce higher spin, but this is the exception rather than the rule. The shaft is counterbalanced (more weight toward the butt end of the shaft) to help increase swing speed or offset the effect of using a slightly heavier head. The Tour Black is available in multiple weights for true custom fitting.  For instance, many golfers may use the 69g version for the driver, but opt for the slightly heavier 79g for their fairway woods for added control.
$139 each.

This series is designed for the majority of weekend warriors creating a higher launch angle with its active tip section for longer carry distances. We are offering the wood shaft in the lighter 59 and 69 gram ranges in a wide array of flexes from slow swingers to those with high speeds.  There is also an 85g hybrid shaft in this line.

$89.99 each.

Proforce Series
The Proforce technology has been UST’s flagship line ever since it burst on the scene winning the 1999 Masters with its revolutionary Proforce Tip Technology.

The V2 is probably the most popular of their premium line. The firm tip section produces a very stable, consistent golf shaft with a medium trajectory.  Plus the low torque is combined to harmonize with today’s larger clubheads.  We offer the wood shafts in the 65 and 75 gram ranges to work not only in drivers, but fairways too.  There are two different hybrids shafts.  One is designed for those with a .335” hosel. The other is .370” and that’s the one to fit all of Hireko’s branded hybrids.

$59.99 each.

V2 Tour
If you haven’t noticed, beginning January 1, 2010, the USGA changed the rules pertaining to grooves.  So what does that have to do with shafts?  Ball manufacturers are just going to adjust the aerodynamics on the ball so it spins more, and you guess it, some of you can expect a higher ball flight.  The V2 was designed to combat this by providing a lower boring ball flight.  Those wily engineers thought of it all…
$69.99 each.

Rv2 Iron Shafts
These shafts have been a stable in their line for a while and considered tried and true. For the better golfer looking to transition to graphite shafts to reduce both shock and fatigue in their irons, but without sacrificing accuracy, the Rv2 should get some very strong consideration. These are available with a very neutral smoke mirror and black color scheme in two popular weights; 75 and 95g.

These are also tip heavy shafts.  What this means is that golfers can maintain the same steel lengths as they have been accustomed to and still achieve a standard swingweight range rather than having to make the clubs an additional ½” longer like with typical graphite shafts to get the proper weight.
$24.99 each.

UST Series
At a price that a majority of golfers can afford, you will find a collection of high performance shaft models re-designed with the purpose of offering better fitting options with today’s woods, hybrids and irons. This series will only have the UST name on the shafts, but that doesn’t mean you will see a drop off in the performance or quality.

65 Gold

The shafts use the very same, advanced, high modulus carbon fiber materials used in the original Proforce models. If you are looking to hit the ball further with greater accuracy, the 65 Gold are going to be right up your alley.
$39.99 each.

The iRoD (name is derived by combining iron and hybrid) is a completely different shaft from the first version; reborn as an all-new, low-cost “transition” mix and match iron/hybrid series. The iron shafts are intended for use in 5-iron through wedges, while the hybrid version is designed for longer 3 & 4 irons/hybrids.  The mix and match option provides a more uniform appearance in the bag.
$11.99 each.

Competition Series
These have been long staples of the UST line. These very affordable, combination flex shafts are available in a stylish red and black color scheme and will match well with several of our Acer and Power Play models.  The lighter weight combo design of the Competition 65 Series provides the ultimate club building flexibility and helps maximize distance, while offering golfers the perfect fit.
Irons $13.99 each, Woods $15.99 each.

Frequency Filtered™ Putter Shafts
Believe it or not, UST engineers thought of it all by providing shaft technology dedicated to the putter. This technology is radically different by combination of vibration-dampening graphite with steel to filter out the ‘static’ noise and leave only the good vibrations to transfer to your hands for improved feel.

We offer two different versions.  One is a straight 0.370” parallel shaft for most normal applications and a compound double bend designed to create the lie and offset into mallet putters with a 90 degree socket.

Starting at $28.99 each.

You might have had to do a double take, but that’s right, UST Mamiya has now entered the grip market with three different styles and colors to choose from. For those who are into branding the product you play or sell, now you can have color coordinated grips to match their popular line of shafts.

Tour PC
This all black offering made from premium materials provides a velvety soft feel in an exceptionally torsionally tight, long lasting grip.
$2.99 each

Comp SC
Featuring a select compound/ multi-color design, UST Mamiya designers utilized only the finest quality natural rubber available to create this unique grip. The three quarter wrap in the upper section provides low torque as well as the ultimate in traction and feel.  These are available in 4 different colors.  The Black / Gold colors matches the UST-Mamiya AXIVCore and V2 lines, while the Black/Blue, Black/Red and hot new Black/White will match the majority of heads on the market.
$2.99 each

Pro DC
The Pro DC features a dual compound/multi-color/ half-cord design unique to and exclusively developed by UST Mamiya. The Pro DC features a unique 4/3 compound, often preferred by better players and avid golfers looking for both torsional strength in the upper hand and a soft, velvety feel in the mid section of the grip.  These are offered in the same snazzy colors as the Comp PC grips.
$7.49 each