Download the New 2010 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog

178 pages of avante-garde technology

Introducing The 2010 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog

Featuring the revolutionary new Dynacraft Prophet ICT2 Line and game improving Acer XDS Series, dozens of new clubhead lines and new shaft and grip vendors such as UST, our new catalog is the most ambitious and comprehensive catalog we have ever created.

$7.95 flat rate shipping continues in 2010. Clubs on sale, closeout or on special excluded.

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Download New 2010 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog
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Download New 2010 Hireko Golf Club Price List

New 2010 Hireko Golf Equipment Catalog Divided Into 6 Files For Those With Slower Internet Connections
Part 1 Pages 1-30 2.5 meg
Part 2 Pages 31-61 3.1 meg
Part 3 Pages 62-92 2.7 meg
Part 4 Pages 93-122 2.1 meg
Part 5 Pages 123-153 3.6 meg
Part 6 Pages 154-178 1.4 meg


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  1. Rod Clemmons says:

    Kudos to you for listening to clubmakers. Much of the components industry seems to be competing for market share among single-diget handicappers instead of trying to grow the market. 99% of these folks will not give up their Titleist drivers and Mizuno irons. It’s a psychological barrier that can be breached only when PGA tour members adopt component-based equipment. Likewise, clubmakers form associations and guilds that seem mainly aimed at setting competing certification standards to exclude others from clubmaking and limit competition. It would be better if clubmakers adopted the MaryKay model of business development by recruiting hobbiests to component club making and acting as conduits for products and technical information. Your webinars are a good start toward increasing participation in the component industry. We should be able to adopt some of the structures used by Tupperware, Amway, and the like to grow centers of clubbuilding activity across the country.

  2. Ralph Howell says:

    I would like to have a presentation on frequency matching clubs along with the pros & cons.

    I asked you one time about reading frequency with the grip on vrs the raw cut shaft and you preferred with the grip on. Still not in agreement with you on that one and would be interested in your in depth analysis on the subject.

    May get me to change my ways. If you know good web site for this let me know.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Jeff Summitt says:


    Did you view the Webinar on shaft sorting? There is information in there about the pros and cons. You may have misunderstood me about the grip on for raw shaft sorting. That can be done much faster without a grip. However, if you are measuring frequency on assembled clubs, gripped is the method most people will use since you don’t want to take off the customer’s grip just to see what the frequency of the club is. This is why all the data we provide on shaft frequency is gripped. I keep two sets of records. One gripped on assembled clubs and another with the raw frequency of the shaft with my chuck weight for reference. The latter I have not published.

  4. Jim says:

    I like the looks of the new XB wedges. What are the grooves like? I see that you go into detail about grooves on the Dynacraft MIlled forged wedge.
    I am looking for a versatile sand wedge that I can open or close to hit my needed shots. I am closeting my 60 degree wedge this year. I just don’t play enough any more to consistently hit full lob wedge shots. Nothing is more frustrating to me than to crush a drive to 70 yards then duff my lob wedge. I does not happen all the time but still I don’t want to the temptation. However, I see good use for a 64 degree wedge that I could use in lieu of a very open sand wedge around the green, over a hump or bunker. I know for sure that I would NEVER be tempted to hit a full swing 64 degree wedge. I could set up with the 64 degree wedge square in center of my stance or hood it back in my stance for a realease shot. I would limit the High Wedge to around 20 yards. I see a real benefit in all the loft a 64 degrree wedge has to offer around the green. I have used one before and I am looking for another to see if it would work out for me.
    My wedges would look like this:
    47 Pitching wedge
    52 Tween wedge
    56 Sand Wedge
    64 High wedge

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The grooves are the same as our other models which is a semi-U groove.

  6. […] Jeff Summitt: Jim: The grooves are the same as our other mode… […]

  7. Roy says:

    Have you folks discontinued the DSFI shaft fitting updates? I used to be able to get the updates by coming to this website. I have about 20 years of successful shaft fitting based upon your method.

    Please advise.

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    We are still updating the Shaft Fitting Addendum annually. Here is the link to the 2010 version.

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