Holiday Gift Ideas for the Clubmaking Shop

What’s Santa bringing you for Christmas?

Socks, boxer shorts, a new shirt or two? Boring, although good gifts (hint, hint if you are listening Santa). But those are small items you get every year and could be considered stocking stuffers. What you want is that big package to open underneath the tree.

So, what do you really, really want that will help increase the efficiency of your clubmaking shop?

Clubmaking Book Your spouse won’t find one at your local bookstore, but it is something that you have wanted to get you started in clubmaking.
Club Length Template Tired of fumbling along positioning your 48” ruler just to give you the right length? The Ruler Soleplate will make short work of every measuring the length of the club every again.
Graphite Shaft Puller Finally you will be able to save shafts instead of having another tomato stake. Heck, with the price of shafts today, one shaft saved will pay for itself the first time you use it.
Grip Tape Dispenser There will be no more fiddling around trying to peel off that thin liner off the double sided tape or trouble cutting the tape straight as this will be a big time saver.
Grip Remover Gun You know you have needed one on more than one occasion, but haven’t broken down to buy one for yourself. Tell Santa (or someone nearby) you had been good instead of naughty this year.
Shaft Cutting Fixture Ooh, finally cutting a whole set of iron shafts with one cut and each shaft being in precise ½” increments or maybe ¼” increments. With so much time saved, you can spend more time with your loved ones or least fix a few things around the house.
Frequency Analyzer No more guessing and relying on the tolerances of the shafts you purchase or the clubs you build. You’ll get more use out of this than any other gift that might be under that tree, including that 32” LCD TV.
Loft and Lie Machine The king of all tools that no custom clubmaking shop should be without. You could accurately measure as well as adjust the angles – a potential profit center figuring there might not be another shop in your area.