We Need Your Comments! What Kind of Webinars Would You Like Us To Host In 2010?

Please comment below!

Our webinars in 2009 were a great success! We had hundreds of attendees learn clubmaking from the comfort of their home. We’d like to get some feedback from you as to what other kind of webinars you would like to hear.  More advanced clubmaking? Clubfitting? How about a roundtable of clubmakers discussing the issues and challenges they face?

Post your thoughts on our blog below. We’d love to hear your suggestions!


  1. Jim Elliott says:

    Putter Fitting

  2. Jim Crawford says:

    I have listened to several of your club component classes on the internet and to me it would be a benafit if it was showen as a vidio. I for one pick up things if I can see it being done.

  3. Duncan Fraser says:

    Counter weighting would be helpful to using your new counterweights.

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