Marketing 101: Naming Your Clubmaking Business

signOne of the most important decisions you will need to make when starting your clubmaking or repair business is naming it correctly. You should take some time to formalize who you are. For example, when it comes to a referral or what might appear in a telephone book, local ad or business card, it should be obvious of what you do.

For instance, let’s say you want to name your business Smitty’s, after your nickname because that is how your close friends and family refer to you. Think about this for a few moments, will potential new customers know what you represent? You could be confused with Smitty’s Tavern in the seedy part of town or Smitty’s Carpet who has a bad reputation in customer service in your local area.

OK, now you name it Smitty’s Golf. At least that is little better. But new customers will not know if you are a new miniature golf course, a driving range or if you sell name brand golf clubs, which you might not do any of these things.

If you are building custom golf clubs from component parts, then you need to tell your customers that. Doesn’t the name Smitty’s Custom Golf Clubs sound much more professional than Smitty’s or Smitty’s Golf? If you do any repair, which I hope you do if you are doing any building, you might as well put that in the name as well. Anybody that reads your business card, which now states Smitty’s Custom Golf Clubs & Repair, will know exactly what you do without any explanation. This will help generate sales in the future.

Avoid using catchy phases like Grip It and Rip It. Golfers new to the game may not associate that phase to a golf shop. For all they know you may be in the recycling business or tear things apart. Rick’s Rip It & Grip It Custom Golf and Repair is probably too long when a simple Rick’s Custom Golf & Repair would suffice.

The best thing to do, even if you want to be creative, is to look at your potential name as an outsider or someone totally new to the game. Will they know what services or products you represent? If they do, then the name is settled. If not, then you should go back to the drawing board.