Introducing the Apollo Phantom Steel Shaft

apollo_logoTapered profile, incredibly lightweight

The Phantom is just the first of several new exciting steel shaft models to be unveiled by Apollo Golf. The Phantom possesses a stepless tapered profile to give it an unusually sleek appearance. But this is the new breed in stepless shafts as it is astonishingly lightweight which helps produce its incredible feel.

phantom_shaftThe Phantom is a full half ounce lighter than most stepless designs manufactured today to help generate more club head speed and distance with less effort. The Phantom’s tip section is slightly firmer than shafts of comparable weight to provide added control while producing a mid launch angle. The lower balance point shift more weight toward the head adding a little more head feel without increasing the overall weight of the club.

Manufactured to tighter weight tolerances for increased consistency in flex, the Phantom is available in a combination R and S flex option.

The Apollo Phantom will arrive November 6, 2009 and is priced at $8.25 each.


  1. George Walker says:

    Do you mean it will be available November 6, 2009? Or do we wait a year?

  2. Mohamed Sulaiman says:


    Since this shaft (Phantom0 onliy comes in R/S flex, how much of tip trimming recommended to achieve to A flex OR in-between A and R.

    Your responce is gratefully appreciated.


    Mohamed / Pittsburgh

  3. Bob Scofield says:

    this shaft is unveiled a little early. if it is not going to be out
    for a year. arrive november 2010

  4. Jeff Summitt says:

    Whoops! It is corrected now, you only have to wait a few more days, not a year from now.

  5. Jeff Summitt says:


    The Phantom will use trim chart RR for R-flex. To put it between A and R flex, you will need to trim 1″ less off of the tip leaving the 4-iron the longest iron.

  6. Art Hupka says:

    So where can I find the specs on this new Apollo Phantom shaft?

  7. clearwaterms says:


    What is the uncut weight and length on this shaft.
    Is this an iron only shaft, or will you make a fairway wood equivelant at some point?

  8. Jeff Summitt says:


    The raw uncut length is 42″ and the weight is 105g. There are no plans of offering a matching fairway wood shaft.

  9. Thomas L. Stump says:

    This would seem to be an APOLLO version of the Rifle AIRLITE. Unfortunately the latter was a marketing flop. What features does the Phantom have that would make it more popular than the AIRLITE was?

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