Introducing the Karma Scented Ladies Golf Grips

Hireko Golf is introducing another golf industry first – a line of scented golf grips for women.  Before you say “What were you guys thinking”, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first when it was mentioned by our product planning committee.  After all, I am not exactly the target market for these products. The idea of the Karma scented grip spawned that different fragrances could be mixed into rubber and each scent would provide a different therapeutic benefit.

When I got home, I entrusted my wife to give her honest assessment of what she thought about the idea.  Boy did I open up a can of worms.  She went on to explain aroma therapy, what is does, how it works, just how popular it is.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…for 30 minutes explaining what a great idea it was and why hadn’t anybody done it before.

Then it dawn on me when I looked around our living room area.  In ever nook and cranny laid a jar, votive or a decorative vessel holding some sort of smelly candle or bouquet of potpourri. If it works at home, there must also be a thriving market for the Karma Scented Series grips when women are out on the course.  If men can enjoy a smelly cigar while playing a round of golf, women have every right to neutralize that smell with something a little more pleasant.

Also, the Karma Scented Grips are receiving quite a bit of national press. Golf Digest for Woman even blogged about them!

For those of you out there who don’t believe in all this aroma-therapy hocus pocus, you have to admit at the least that these colorful, floral designs that will appeal to a lot of female golfers. I am just waiting for us to figure out how to make a bacon-scented men’s grip for me…

The Karma Scented grips are available in three colors and fragrances.

Pink (Rose)
Calms feelings of anger and frustration and helps to overcome tiredness.

Pink Karma Scented Ladies Grip $.89 each

Green (Jasmine)
Calms the central nervous system reducing anxiety and leads to enhanced mental functioning and acuity.
Green Karma Scented Ladies Grip $.89 each

Purple (Lavender)

Reduces muscle tension and encourages deep relaxation for a soothing, calming and reassuring mood.
Purple Karma Scented Ladies Grip $.89 each

What Does The Tournament Ready Logo Mean?

tourn_readyAt Hireko we make every attempt to make all our newer models conform to the Rules of Golf.  If you see this Tournament Ready icon next to one of our clubheads, it means that it has been submitted to the USGA to receive a ruling that they do conform to the Rules of Golf. This means that you can safely use these clubs in competition, maintain a handicap or post a score and know you are following the Rules of Golf.

Hireko Technical Director Speaks at Regional International Clubmakers Guild Meeting

ICG-picThis past weekend, and on his wedding anniversary no less, Hireko’s technical Director Jeff Summitt attended the first ever Upper Midwest regional meeting of the International Guild of Clubmakers (ICG) at the McGolf Custom Golf Center in Waverly, OH. The ICG is a new independent organization designed to promote the growth of custom clubmaking, club fitting and repair.

The first guest speaker was Mike Stevens who is the representative of Zelocity, a manufacturer of golf performance monitors. Mike spoke at length about the features and upgrades of their Pure Launch system plus he gave us a hint of a new product on the horizon that they were very excited about.

Next, Jeff Summitt spoke about how Hireko develops and then models their original designs and to share some of the new technologies and products Hireko will be offering in the coming months. Lastly Jeff talked about some of the trends for next year. A raffle concluded the meeting with products donated by Aldila, Golf Pride, UST, SK Fiber and Hireko.

The attendees hailing from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana spent two days discussing issues that affect their business and sharing stories, not to mention the camaraderie they shared at dinner or on the golf course. If you are interested in clubmaking, all I can say is get involved!

For addition information on the International Clubmakers Guild, please go to their website at

Introducing Counter Weights for Clubmakers and Clubfitters

Counter-balance plugs can help solve many swing problems

One of the newest supplies Hireko now offers for clubmakers and club fitters is our stainless steel counter weights. These are handy items that no shop should be without to properly swingweight and counter-balance over length drivers, longer-than-average steel shafted irons or even putters.

butt_plug_diagramMost individuals understand the importance the overall balance of a golf club to produce more solidness of contact, consistency, speed and greater distance. If a golfer has a club that is overall too head heavy it makes it nearly impossible to return the club to a square position at impact. In addition, the head heavy club may encourage a player to release the club too early in the downswing and rob that player of valuable distance. In some cases, a club that is overall too light can promote over active hands and inhibit the golfer from maintaining the proper rhythm and tempo.

Counter-balance plugs can help solve these problems by shifting the balance point of the club closer to the hands. Think of it the same way as a figure skater counter-weights-001pulls their arm in toward their body making them spin faster. Hireko’s new counter weights essentially have the same benefit.

Counter-balancing clubs is not new. Tour professionals have it done to fine tune the clubs. Professional clubmakers have been using elaborate systems to fit their customers. Now an easy and affordable system of weights is now available to possibly help those who slice the ball or just need added consistency.

counter-weights-004These are easily inserted into the butt end of the shaft prior to installing the grip. Now one can fine-tune your clubs with our counter weights now available for both steel and graphite shafts. The models for steel will fit shafts with a 0.600” butt or larger. Each 4g grams of weight will reduce the swingweight by one point.

Plug        Swingweight
Weight    Reduction
8g             2
12g          3
16g          4
20g          5
24g          6
28g          7
32g          8

For years, Dynacraft successfully sold a one ounce (28g) butt weight especially for golfers who wanted an extra long driver for increase length off the tee, yet wouldn’t be head heavy. With a greater assortment of weights to choose from for both steel and graphite shafts, clubmakers and fitters now have greater latitude of providing the right amount and weight to their customer’s clubs.

Counterweights $1.50 each

Disclaimer: Trying to force a counter weight plug into a shaft that has an inside diameter smaller than 0.485” (graphite) or 0.550” (steel) could split the shaft and void any shaft warranty.

Introducing the New Acer Cabriolet Irons

Take The Top Down And Enjoy The Ride!

Acer Cabriolet Irons

Acer Cabriolet Irons

For over 8 years, golfers’ world-wide had enjoyed the virtues of the original Acer XDS Wide Sole series iron making them one of Hireko’s best selling and performing irons in company history. Golfers found out first hand what the benefits that a wide sole iron can provide. The Acer XDS Cabriolet takes that same concept and combines it with the modern hybrid. Some hybrids on the market are merely a hollow-bodied iron as a way to move weight further back from the face to create greater forgiveness on off-center shots and the purpose of a wide sole iron is to shift a higher concentration of weight lower to assist in getting the ball up quickly and easily.

The Acer XDS Cabriolet does both by starting out with the chassis of a hybrid but removing the heavy crown and relocating that weight to the extra wide sole creating the best of both worlds; an iron look with hybrid accuracy. The gigantic face will instill confidence for those that need it the most making these the ultimate game improvement iron without the massive offset. Each club in the set required a distinct sole radius to complement the progressive sole width (wider in the longer irons and gradually reducing in size in the scoring irons). This places weight where it is needed most to ensure an ultra-forgiving design that is not only functional, but puts more fun back into the game.

Download The Acer Cabriolet Irons Marketing Spec Sheet Here.
Acer XDS Cabriolet Irons Assembled Price (comes with Free! Headcover!) $24.95

Acer XDS Cabriolet Irons Component Clubhead Price $8.95

Quick Hits: True Temper’s New GS-95 & Multi-Step Lite Shafts

2 new True Temper shafts highlight fall shaft offerings

True Temper unveiled two new steel shafts that I thought needed some additional explanation, aside from the normal marketing material you will see.

True Temper Multi-Step Lite Shaft $5.45 each

True Temper Multi-Step Lite Shaft $5.45 each

First up is the Multi-Step Lite, which is new from the standpoint it will be a normal catalog item. If you are a shaft aficionado, you might have seen or heard of this shaft before as this shaft had been formerly available to original equipment manufacturers. This is the shaft that will replace the popular Dynalite, which will soon be retired. It will be in the same cut weight range for the R and S flex (105g) and feature the same low bend point.

If the step pattern looks familiar, the shaft will be reminiscent of the Apollo Shadow, but a lighter weight version. For clubmakers who have relied on Dynalite as their “go-to” shaft might want to think about transitioning to the True Temper Multi-Step Lite now.

The True Temper GS-95 will be the new breed of lighter weight steel shafts on the market. The “95” in True Temper’s GS-95 denotes the cut weight of the shaft. By comparison, Dynamic Gold is @ 115g and mainstay lightweight designs like TT Lite and

True Temper GS95 Shaft $18.15 each

True Temper GS95 Shaft $18.15 each

Dynalite have been in the 105g range. Several of next year’s major name brand clubs with come equipped with shafts in the 95g weight range as their stock offerings, but at least the GS-95 will be much more affordable and widely available than the high performance Nippon NS950 or the KBS Tour 90 shafts.

The parallel tip True Temper GS-95 shaft will be available in discrete lengths. What we mean about that is instead of purchasing a master shaft that can be successfully tip trimmed per club you will buy a specific raw length for each head just like a taper tip shaft. Here is a chart that will help choose the right shaft. Just like taper tip shafts, the GS-95 will be butt trimmed only.

Raw Length         Club #

40”                 3 iron

39.5”                4 iron

39”                 5 iron

38.5”                6 iron

38”                 7 iron

37.5”                8 iron

37”                 9 iron

36.5”              Wedges

The reason why the GS-95 shafts are available in discrete lengths is the fact these are a “constant mass” design.  This is a fancy way of saying the shaft each raw length shaft weighs the same.  In normal parallel tip shafts, the shafts become increasingly lighter the short the shaft becomes, meaning the wedge shaft can be much lighter that the harder to hit long iron shafts.  In a constant mass design, if the cut shaft weight for a #3 iron is 95g, so are the wedges, which help with distance control in the scoring clubs where you need it most.

Using EI curves to evaluate the stiffness distribution along the length of the shaft, True Temper has what it calls Quad Zone Profiling, a design feature used to section the shaft into four distinct zones.  From there, the True Temper engineers where able to specifically target specific regions of the shaft for flexibility and wall thickness to optimize performance.

Energy Inertia (E.I.) Curves, or a three-point bending test is a way of measuring the load or the stiffness distribution of a golf shaft from the tip to butt more accurately than a deflection boards or frequency analyzer. Here is an example of an EI Curve on the GS-95 S-flex 3-iron shaft.


I did have a chance to test the GS-95 out on the range and the course too.  I didn’t quite realize the added height, especially in comparison to the much lighter GS-75.  But that might had to be due to the head I tested it with.  The shaft was still being manufactured I received a taper tipped version for testing purposes since the parallel version wasn’t available at that time.  Since you never want to put a taper tip shaft in a parallel bore, I had to use an older model I had in reserve with the appropriate hosel size.  I will tell you this heads today are waaaaaay better than they were 10 years ago.

So are these new shafts.  For being as light as what it was, the GS-95 was very stable, not sloppy or whippy that many might associate with a high launching shaft, yet did not have a harsh feel. The GS-95 has a balance point biased toward the tip meaning that you can achieve normal swingweights without having to make the club longer or adding additional tip weights.

There was a nice separation between the R and S flex as shown in our Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index (DSFI) ranges.  The R-flex in our system would be for those golfers with a 69-79 mph swing speed range and the S-flex 75-87 mph range.

I hope that gives you a little more information about the two new offerings from True Temper.

True Temper GS95 Shaft $18.15 each
True Temper Multi-Step Lite Shaft $5.45 each