Visit Hireko At The 2010 PGA Show Booth #819

pga_merchandise_showJoin Hireko In Orlando, FL January 27-30, 2010

PGA Golf Exhibitions and Hireko Golf announced today the 20th year of Hireko Golf’s participation in the annual PGA Merchandise Show, Jan. 28-30, 2010, in Orlando, Fla (Booth #819). Hireko will also participate in the Outdoor Demo Day at the Orange County National Golf Center on January 27.

“The PGA Merchandise Show is the premium platform to showcase our newest  performance engineered golf equipment,” said Gineta Lin, VP Sales, Hireko Golf. “Hireko has evolved into a cutting edge Original Equipment Manufacturer and we are extremely excited to strengthen and build relationships with the trade and general public alike.  In addition, we will be highlighting our 25 year commitment to the benefits of custom fitting.”

The Outdoor Demo Day, scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2010, at the Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge in Orlando will allow golfers of all abilities (trade and general public welcome) to test Hireko’s latest product line including the new Dynacraft Prophet Blade Irons and Acer XDS Titanium Driver. Golf industry veteran and Hireko Technical Director Jeff Summitt and other company executives will be available to communicate the rewards possible with custom-fitted Hireko golf clubs.

Hireko will exhibit in a new booth for the 2010 PGA Show (Booth #819) and feature their popular brands Acer, Power Play, Dynacraft, iBella, Apollo and Karma. Hireko’s CAD designed golf clubs are engineered not only to help golfers of all skill levels score better but their low prices will enable golf pro’s to make substantially higher margins than most OEMs.

To attend the 2010 PGA show you must register here.

What Is The PGA Merchandise Show?

The Global Golf Industry’s Most Influential Business Platform Launching a New Season for the Game

* 10 miles of show aisles

* 1 million square feet of interactive exhibit, product demonstration and industry presentation space

* 1,000+ top golf vendors

* 40,000+ influential PGA Professionals, manufacturing executives, VIP retailers, industry leaders & top decision-makers

* 42 acres of product testing at the world’s largest Outdoor Demo Day exclusively for PGA Professionals & VIP retailers

* And, 3 days to discover, learn, resource, and drive the golf business into the 2010 season.

Hireko looks forward to seeing you there!

Hireko Wants You To Help Design Our Next Driver From The Ground Up! Part 6

Jeff Summitt gives us an update on the “Design Our Next Driver” campaign

If you have been following on our Blog, or better yet participating, you probably have wondered what the status of the “Hireko Wants You to Help Design Our Next Driver from the Ground Up!” campaign is. In our last segment, we showed you the CAD images and the picture of the rapid prototype sample, which is all fine and dandy. But bring on the real deal! Last week the first playable samples finally arrived.

The project’s official name is the Acer XDS Insider and once the catalog is ready, we will explain more in-depth the principals of the design and why the name Insider was selected. The driver will be available in two different versions. There will be a normal weight 10.5º and 12º driver for those comfortable with standard length drivers. We also mentioned a specially weighted version that can be assembled slightly shorter for more control off of the tee. We asked for your input and we listened. The “Thriver” version was produced with 14º of loft.

As a matter of fact, we were so pleased with the progress of the drivers we have already tooled up the 3 wood, which came in the sample shipment amongst other goodies. The concept of the matching fairway is the same as the drivers were.

Just like a little kid at Christmas sitting in front tree filled with unwrapped packages, I had to wait to perform all the laborious specification checks to make sure that everything was correct before every getting a fresh batch of epoxy ready to build the samples. Stock Acer Velocity shafts were used to test performance of the drivers rather than using exotic shafts like Aldila Voodoo’s or the new Project X, which could had unduly influenced those selected to test the new heads.

I spent two days at the range with some customers to try out the new Acer XDS Insider samples to make sure it was what was envisioned, plus receive any feedback they we had not thought about. For those that didn’t want the racing stripe and anything outrageous, you will be pleased that this is a very simple and straight forward look at address. Cosmetics were a non-issue with any of those had the opportunity to hit the clubs.

But cosmetics, at least to me are second fiddle compared to performance. I can deal with anything I hit really well and the looks can grow on me. But if I have a club that doesn’t perform as it should, it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it would never set foot in my bag. After the two days attentively noticing the ball flight and dispersion as well as listening to the comments of those who participated in our evaluation, the foundry got the email to start production and the tooling on left handed versions of the club heads. Plus, two of the test clubs might have just officially replaced two of the clubs in my bag.

So thank all of you who participated help design one of Hireko’s new 2010 drivers, not to mention the fairway too. Hopefully you have a better appreciation of how a product goes from drawing board to warehouse and the time table it takes for this to happen. New club head designs just don’t magically appear – at least not original designs that perform better than what they replace and have been put through their paces.

Download The New 2010 Hireko Golf Equipment Preview!

winter_quarterly_thumbnailWant a sneak peak at some of our new 2010 clubheads, shafts and grips? Download the 2010 Hireko Quarterly New Product Preview!

Inside the new Quarterly:
– New 2010 Clubheads
– New 2010 Shafts and Grips
– New Lower Prices On Best Selling Products
– Great Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

Download the Quarterly in 2 parts:

Download Part 1 of 2 (2.5 meg)
Download Part 2 of 2 (2.5 meg)


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