New for 2010 Golf Equipment

Original. Long. Affordable.

Welcome to 2010! Hireko is proud to introduce some of its most sophisticated and high performing golf equipment to date and is extremely excited to debut these new clubs.

Our product development team has been busy designing golf equipment unique and proprietary to Hireko. Golf companies around the globe are suffering from the recession and are rethinking their product offerings to fulfill the golfing community’s perceived desire for more affordable golf clubs. Hireko on the other hand has been offering professional quality clubs at down to earth prices for over 25 years!

Acer XDS Insider Ti Driver

Clubhead $59.95 ea.

Assembled $99.95 ea.
> Details

Acer XDS Insider Thriver Ti Driver

Clubhead $59.95 ea.

Assembled $99.95 ea.

> Details

Acer XDS Insider Fairway Woods
Clubhead $19.95 ea.

Assembled $49.95 ea.

> Details

Acer XBWedges
Clubhead $7.95+ ea.

Assembled $23.95+ ea.

> Details

Dynacraft Prophet ICT2 Titanium Driver

Clubhead $79.95 ea.

Assembled $119.95 ea.

> Details

Dynacraft Prophet ICT2 Titanium Fairway Woods

Clubhead $34.95 ea.

Assembled $64.95 ea.

> Details

DynacraftProphet ICT2Hybrids

Clubhead $17.95 ea.

Assembled $44.95 ea.

> Details


Clubhead $19.95 ea.

Assembled $38.95 ea.

> Details

DynacraftProphet Blade Irons

Clubhead $19.95 ea.

Assembled $35.95 ea.

AcerCB7 Putters

Clubhead $24.95 ea.

Assembled $44.95 ea.

AcerCB8 Putters

Clubhead $24.95 ea.

Assembled $44.95 ea.

ApolloPhantom Steel Shafts

$8.25 each

Acer XDS Cabriolet Irons

Clubhead $8.95 ea.

Assembled $24.95 ea.

iBella VolarePutter

Clubhead $19.95 ea.

Assembled $41.55 ea.

True Temper GS95 Steel Shaft

$18.15 each

True Temper Multi-Step Lite Steel

$5.45 each

Acer MC4 Putter

Clubhead $19.95 ea.

Assembled $37.95 ea.

Tacki-Mac Itomic Grips

$3.60 each

Karma Green Jasmine Scented Grip

$ .89 each

Karma Purple Lavender Scented Grip

$ .89 each

Karma Pink Rose Scented Grip
$ .89 each


  1. Chad says:

    The MC4 putter looks great.

    When I click on the link, sometimes it works and others there is an Internal Server Error.

    Couple of ?’s:

    Approx. when will it be available?


    What kind of finish will it have?


  2. Jeff Summitt says:


    The face is milled, the sole is high polished and the rest is painted. These should be here any day now.

  3. Urawb says:

    When can buy those Prophet Tour Blades?
    They look awesome and the tech specs is what I’m looking for.
    I hope the black finish stays on and doesn’t come off after a few rounds.
    Just need a date when available?

  4. Jeff Summitt says:


    We are looking at the end of November before they will be in stock. The black PVD finish is very durable!

  5. Norman J says:

    The MC4 putter looks as good in ‘real life’ as it does in the photos. I built one with a heavy True Temper putter shaft and a round jumbo grip. It had a great feel at impact and the ball rolled beautifully. The first golfer I let hit it bought it. I’ve built another for myself – I do not doubt that it will soon sell, too. Good work, Hireko!

    When will the new Ti faced XK irons be available? I am waiting to include it with my next order.


  6. Jeff Summitt says:


    Glad to hear you liked the new MC4 putter! Regarding the Ti-face Acer XK irons, those will not be here until almost March.

  7. Nick says:

    Okay Hireko execs, I am a huge fan of your product lines and I purchase around $10k worth of your product annually for sale to my students. I am a PGA Professional with a descent custom club business as a result of referrals from my lessons. So kudos on being my pocket club manufacturer.

    Now comes the tough part… I get asked so often the following question…
    “These clubs look great but how come you don’t play them?” To which I always have to respond with some remarks about customization of my Callaway irons and that hireko doesn’t have a product that fits my needs. The answer works but it got me to thinking… Why doesn’t Hireko build an “Acer” brand full set that rivals that of my Callaway xForged Irons at FT9 driver and hybrids? If that was available I would switch in a heartbeat… Charge more that’s okay beacuse my sales would go up dramatically if the “Club Pro” played the same brand irons as his students.

    The Dynacraft iron is a good start but lets make some “Pro” caliber zero offset stuff that rivals the Callaway set I play now. Just stamp it with Acer and you’ll make it back 100 fold.

  8. Joe Budd says:

    I really like the look of some of the new putters you’ve brought on board, but I can’t seem to find weights foe some of them. I’m looking on the web pages… Should I be looking somewhere else?

  9. Jeff Summitt says:


    If you scroll down the product page you will see several tabs. Click on the one that says “Specifications” and you will find the weights there.

  10. James says:

    Nick – have you tried the Prophet Tours yet? They are every bit a “pro caliber” club, almost more so than the X-Forged irons since those are semi-cavity backs and the Prophet Tours are blades. Just because they have a little more offset than you prefer doesn’t make them any less of a players style club. And just so you know the X-Forged are not a “zero” offset club – they start at 3.3mm on the 3 iron and go down to 1.9mm on the PW. The Prophet Tours start at 4.3mm on the 3 and go down to 1.8mm on the PW – so they are really very similar in offset, with the longer irons having just slightly more. Give them a shot, if you like the X-Forged I’m sure you will love the P.Tours.

  11. Curt says:

    Has anyone tried the Thriver? I had the TM Burner in 13 degree, but it ballooned on me too much. Like many other mid to higher handicappers I tend to hit the 3 wood better.

  12. chad says:

    i cant wait for the prohet irons to come in can you let me know when im left handed and u have been out of stock for a while if i have to pre buy i will just let me know something

  13. Jeff Summitt says:


    We are waiting on our first shipment of the LH version and that is why they say sold out. We should have them in stock around April 2.

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