Is It Time To Change Your Putter Grip?

putter grip sizePutter grip size is an important fitting factor

After my 3 putt laden round I wrote about last week, I decided to do something proactive about it.  For one, the putter was quickly banished from the bag and rightfully so and exchanged for a shiny new model.  You see, this is the best time of the year when it comes to equipment as a lot of the future products you will see later this fall or next year, as I am receiving final prototypes of. Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

The new putter model (Acer CB7 coming at the end of November) was quickly put to test.  Yes, I did spend a few minutes on the practice green before teeing off for a quick nine after work.  So I do happen to practice what I preach.  Any way, after the round was over, tallied and statistics for number of fairways hit, GIR’s, etc. where entered in my computer, I noticed that I had a record low number of putts for the year and possibly for a long, long time.

Could I attribute it to the new center-shafted, high MOI mallet model or practicing a few minutes before the round?  Perhaps, but I found one other clue; that was the grip size.  On this particular putter I had installed a much smaller

Golf Pride Tour Tradition Putter Grip Orange $5.13 each

Golf Pride Tour Tradition Putter Grip Orange $5.13 each

grip that I had been using for the majority of the year.

In my neck of the woods, the greens are getting slower as it sadly becomes cooler, damper and there is less daylight.  The super jumbo sized putter grip worked fine when the putting stroke used little to no wrists and I relied on the big muscles in shoulders to propel the ball.  But as the greens slowed down I could no longer get the ball to the hole and taking a longer putting stroke no longer felt natural or comfortable.  The smaller putter grip allowed a wristy stroke by making it feel more head heavy and voila, the ball got to the hole with less effort.

To test my theory, I decided to re-grip my old CB8 putter (yes, it is coming too) with a smaller sized grip and head to the practice green to spend a good half hour comparing it to the CB7 putter.  By simply re-gripping, it totally transformed my once banished putter back into the rotation in the bag and now I got two

Karma Supra Orange Putter Grip $9.95

Karma Supra Orange Putter Grip $9.95

gamers to choose from. Who knows, I might re-grip to a larger putter grip next year when summer arrives, but for now the smaller sized putter grip is going to be a stroke saver.

If you are struggling on the green, re-gripping your putter may be a quick and inexpensive way to improve your score.  But also, make sure to hit the practice putting green as well.

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